Christian Bale’s ‘The Pale Blue Eye’ Netflix Movie: What We Know So Far

the pale blue eye netflix movie christian bale

Image: Netflix

Christian Bale will appear in his first big Netflix original movie in 2023. Here’s everything we know so far about the new gothic horror. pale blue eye on Netflix.

Please note: This preview was initially published in March 2021 with new information added as we get it. It was last updated on August 30, 2022.

from netflix pale blue eye will be written and directed by Scott Cooper, known for movies like Crazy Heart, black mass, hostile, Y out of the oven.

Cooper and Bale had previously worked together on the last two films making pale blue eye their third collaboration. According to Deadline, Cooper has sought to develop this film for over a decade.

christian bale scott cooper

Christian Bale and Scott Cooper

Bale will produce the film together with bird man‘s John Lesher and Tyler Thompson of Cross Creek Pictures, who comes from the Golden Globe-winning The trial of the Chicago 7.

When pale blue eye Will it premiere on Netflix?

pale blue eye was initially announced as part of Netflix’s 2022 lineup but sadly, you’ll be missing out.

The film will be released in two installments.

It will first premiere on December 23 with a limited theatrical release before landing on Netflix on January 6, 2023 worldwide on Netflix.

what is the plot of pale blue eye?

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from netflix pale blue eye is an adaptation of Louis Bayard’s 2006 novel of the same name. Fun fact: the novel, which features a young Edgar Allan Poe, was nominated for an Edgar Award for Best Novel in 2007. The Edgar Award, of course , is named after Edgar Allan Poe.

Netflix’s quick premise pale blue eye is the following:

At West Point Academy in 1830, the calm of an October afternoon is broken by the discovery of the body of a young cadet hanging from a rope just off the parade ground. An apparent suicide is not unheard of in a harsh regime like West Point, but the next morning, an even greater horror comes to light. Someone sneaked into the room where the body lay and removed the heart.

With no answers and desperate to avoid any negative publicity, the Academy enlists the services of a local civilian, Augustus Landor, a former police detective who made a name for himself during his years in New York City before retiring to the Hudson Highlands to your health. Now a widower and restless in his seclusion, Landor agrees to take on the case. While questioning the dead man’s acquaintances, he finds an enthusiastic assistant in a scheming, moody young cadet with a penchant for drink, two volumes of poetry to his name, and a murky past that changes from story to story. The cadet’s name? Edgar Allan Poe.

the pale blue eyes netflix movie

Image: Netflix

who’s cast in pale blue eye?

Netflix cast The Pale Blue Eye

Christian Bale and Harry Melling

Oscar winner Christian baleknown for his many iconic and award-winning roles, will headline the Netflix series pale blue eye.

Bale will play Augustus Landor, a veteran detective who investigates the murders that occur in the film. As mentioned above, the film will also feature a young cadet who helps Bale’s character and eventually becomes world famous author Edgar Allan Poe.

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During the summer of 2021, harry melling perhaps best known in recent years for his appearances in numerous Netflix Originals such as queen’s Gambit, the devil all the time, the old guard, Y The Ballad of Buster Scruggs joined the cast. Melling will play the role of Edgar Allan Poe.

As of late December 1, 2021, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that seventeen other actors have joined the project. Sex education star gilliananderson has been cast in an unnamed role, along with lucy boyton who previously starred in Netflix’s horror apostle. Anglo-French actress charlotte gainsbourg will make its debut on Netflix in pale blue eye.

the pale blue eye netflix cast anderson boynton gainsbourg

From left to right: Gillian Anderson, Lucy Boynton and Charlotte Gainsbourg

veteran actors Robert Duvall, toby jonesY Timothy Spall have also been confirmed. ozark actor Charlie Tahan he has also been cast in an unnamed role.

the pale blue eye netflix cast duvall jones spall tahan

From left to right: Robert Duvall, Toby Jones, Timothy Spall and Charlie Tahan.

Below is the full confirmed cast of pale blue eye:

Role cast member
to be confirmed gilliananderson
august landor Christian bale
to be confirmed lucy boyton
Edgar Allan Poe harry melling
to be confirmed Robert Duvall
to be confirmed toby jones
to be confirmed Timothy Spall
to be confirmed charlotte gainsbourg
to be confirmed Charlie Tahan
to be confirmed fred hechinger
to be confirmed Simon McBurney
to be confirmed hadley-robinson
to be confirmed Brennan Keel Cook
to be confirmed Gideon Glick
to be confirmed harry lawtey
to be confirmed joey brooks
to be confirmed matte rudder
to be confirmed steven mair
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What is the production status in pale blue eye?

Current production status: Post-production (Last update: 03/08/2022)

Filming took place between November 29, 2022 and February 25, 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and New York.

The film has been in post-production for several months.

The film’s budget has been reported to be between $50 million and $100 million with some sources saying it is around $70 million.

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