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Charlie Tahan

Charlie Tahan has been part of the Netflix original series crime drama Ozarks since it first premiered in 2017. As Wyatt Langmore, Tahan has shown variety and skill as an actor and gives one more reason why the young actor’s star is on the rise. But Charlie Tahan has done more than just Ozarks. Let’s take a look at where it started and where it’s headed.


Charlie Tahan got going early. Born June 11, 1998 and raised in Glen Rock, New Jersey, Tahan began his professional acting career at the age of five. He started out in commercials (Pillsbury, Werther’s Caramels, T-Mobile and Sears) and when he was nine years old, he was starring in his first feature film.

Charlie Tahan’s introduction to acting came in 2007, which was actually a busy year for the young actor. His first movie was american loser with Sean William Scott (american foot film cycle) and Gretchen Mol (3:10 to Yuma, Boardwalk Empire). He followed that up with the barely heard of once upon a movie. It was his next film, just the third of his career, that caught the young actor’s attention.


Charlie Tahan

Charlie Tahan got his first big break with his third film in 2007, the sci-fi horror thriller, I’m legend. The film starred Will Smith and Alice Braga and saw Charlie Tahan play Ethan. The film was based on the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson and told the story of Robert Neville (Smith), who is a lone survivor of a global plague. While the plague has wiped out most of the population, it has also created mutants. Neville is immune to the plague and searches for a cure. He finds himself in a lot of trouble when he captures one of the infected and tries to heal her. He is later captured but rescued by Anna (Braga) and Ethan (Tahan), who have been following his radio transmissions. Does Neville’s cure work? Do they all survive?


Charlie Tahan started working even harder after his performance in I’m legend. was seen in Nights at Rodanthe, The Other Woman, Charlie St. CloudY burning brightly. He then got another big boost when he was tapped by Tim Burton to voice the young Victor Frankenstein in the hit stop motion film, frankenweenie.

Things continue to move in the right direction for Charlie Tahan. frankenweenie led to movies like Blood Ties, Blue Jasmine, Life of Crime, The HarvestY Love is Strange. Although Charlie Tahan found time primarily in feature films, he was not opposed to working on the television side of the business. There he was seen in television series such as Fringe, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Blue Bloods, Wayward Pines, GothamY rock castle.

Regardless, Charlie Tahan says that, for the most part, he lived a fairly normal life. Although he was making movies and appearing in television series, Tahan said his childhood and upbringing were like most children, except for the breaks he took while filming. Of introducing him to the business, Tahan told North Jersey, “We had some family friends [whose] the kids were in the business, and that’s how it was introduced to me, I guess. I started doing commercials when I was little, just to do it for one summer, and then I never stopped.”

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He went to Glen Rock High School and says he regularly had friends and again pointed to his normal childhood. “People always assume that if you’re a child actor, you don’t have any friends or anything, but I’ve never really experienced that,” Tahan said. “It can be difficult at times with school work maybe, but I’ve always managed… I have a lot of time where I’m still home, going to school.”


Charlie Tahan

SPOILER ALERT for those who have kept up with Ozark but aren’t into Season 4 yet, you have been warned.

It’s all over in five seconds. All the hard work of laying the groundwork for what was to be the tragic life of Wyatt Langmore. But before we get into those fateful five seconds, let’s see if we can figure out what makes Ozark tick.

Ozarks is the acclaimed Netflix series (32 Emmy nominations and counting) starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as Marty and Wendy Byrde. The story follows the Byrdes, who start out in Chicago but end up in the Lake of the Ozarks due to a money laundering scheme gone awry. Marty is a financial advisor who, with his business partner, begins to launder money for the Mexican cartel. In the end, things don’t go as planned, so Marty offers a solution. He will set up a much larger money laundering operation for the cartel. Yes, things are not going well there either.

The series unfolds around the life of money laundering and the violence that comes with it, but at its heart, it’s about the family (the Byrdes, the Langmores, and the Snells) and their dysfunction. As Wyatt, Charlie Tahan’s character has to navigate a relationship roller coaster. There’s Ruth (Julia Garner) and then there’s Darlene (Lisa Emery). After Wyatt makes the decision for him, things go terribly wrong.

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“I had a different idea of ​​what it was going to be like,” Charlie Tahan told Esquire. “I thought it was going to be much longer. But I really loved the sudden impact. It’s five seconds. They sit down and that’s it.” Tahan, of course, is talking about the sudden and shocking death of his character at the hands of cartel lieutenant Javi (Alfonso Herrera). It’s a bittersweet moment for Tahan and even worse for those who follow his problematic character. But Tahan seems to have it all in perspective. “I wish I could say a cool quote that I was upset when I went home that day. I’m sorry for the loss of Wyatt, but no, it was really just a day where there were a lot of practical effects and a lot of moving parts. He took a while for that shot. But I love shit like that. It’s a dance.


Charlie Tahan has listed his favorites. When it comes to actors, he says John C. Reilly and Jim Carey are at the top of his list. He also has an affinity for the work that Joaquin Phoenix does. When it comes to movies, he says his “favorite movie of all time” is Disney. The Emperor’s New Groove. Oh!


Charlie Tahan

So now that your time is officially up in OzarksWhat’s next for the 24-year-old actor? Well, Charlie Tahan already has a few projects lined up, starting with the feature pale blue eye where he acts alongside the likes of Christian Bale, Lucy Boynton, Gillian Anderson, Robert Duvall and Harry Melling. After that, Charlie has two more projects, things like this Y Montauk.


If you’re curious about Charlie Tahan’s social media presence, he posts (or used to) often on Instagram, but that seems to have ended rather abruptly. Throughout his time in Ozarksfrequently shared with his followers.

But it was the last article that he published on his Instagram account that surprised the followers. In it, Charlie Tahan includes a series of photos and includes the caption, “Final episodes out today. Last post. I love you gang.” True to his word, that was his last post on his Instagram.

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