CFCC will accommodate policy change impacting Marine Technology program

Wilmington, NC (WWAY) – CFCC Marine Technology students gathered on the Riverwalk in downtown Wilmington with plans to protest a policy change that caused two of the university’s staff captains to resign. The students are now celebrating, following a conversation with the administration on Wednesday morning, proposing a new change.

Cape Fear Community College administration informed students that they would be implementing something called “Sea Time,” in an effort to ensure that staff captains are compensated for time worked in excess of 40 hours during a workweek while on duty. at sea.

“I’m still on that wave of appreciation and appreciation for the school, I really hear the voices of the students and it means a lot to us, and I’m not just speaking for myself, I’ve spoken to quite a few of the students here, and we’re ecstatic and so appreciative of it. that they really listened to us,” said Maggie Oxendine, president of the CFCC Marine Tech Club.

Initially, the university made a decision to change the employment status of Marine Technology program personnel from “exempt” to “nonexempt,” which would have affected those captains’ pay.

According to marine technology students who met with CFCC management, just two hours before they planned to meet to protest. This change means students can expect cruises to resume later this year.

“Honestly it’s great, the cruises are my favorite part of this program, the experience we learn on cruises is often what sets us apart from other graduating students as we enter the workforce,” said Megan McDeavitt, CFCC marine. technology student.

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Some students are waiting for the final decision of the board of trustees before fully celebrating the policy change.

“Fifty percent excitement, still fifty percent apprehension, because the wound is still quite open. Change my life, my financial status, everything to start this program, and then two weeks to be told ‘hey, the cornerstone of this program is being removed in the unforeseeable future’. As long as they keep it all super excited, but until the ink dries,” said Christian Janik, a CFCC marine technology student.

Regarding the meeting with the students of the program, CFCC released a statement that reads in part:

“We are pleased to have addressed this issue with a solution that works well for everyone. CFCC’s goal is to strengthen the Marine Tech program so that it thrives well into the future.”

The policy change will be addressed at the Cape Fear Community College board meeting on September 22.

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