Carver High football wins big at Randolph in honor of LaFountain

CARVER: Coaches often encourage their players to play with the team name printed on the front of their jerseys, rather than the proverbial last name on the back.

But for the Carver High football team (2-3), it’s more about playing by the quote proudly tagged on their arm and leg sleeves.

Decked out in purple accessories during a 21-0 win over Randolph on Thursday night, the Crusaders continued their season-long dedication to beloved community member Jodi LaFountain, whose renowned “Love Like Crazy” quote was proudly displayed on almost every Carver player who took the field.

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LaFountain, 41, was diagnosed with SMARCA4-deficient undifferentiated sarcoma, a rare form of lung cancer, earlier this year.

Carver football players Nate Glover (left) and Robbie Peterson pose in purple "Love like crazy" arm sleeves in honor of beloved community member Jodi LaFountain, who was diagnosed with lung cancer.

“For us to go out there and win for her, it means a lot to us because they have supported our city for years,” said team captain Nate Glover, a senior running back.

Born and raised in Carver, LaFountain is the mother of three children: her oldest daughter, Addison, is a senior at Old Colony; Ella Chase’s son is a sophomore, also at Old Colony; and Pearl is the youngest, a field hockey player at Carver High. Known for providing and participating in fundraisers for programs throughout the city, LaFountain and her husband, Brian, are revered within the team and community circles.

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