Can Netflix’s Arcane win the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program on its first try?

It’s not easy to get into the Emmy race for Outstanding Animated Program for the first season of a show. Just ask the people behind “Family Guy,” “Archer,” and “BoJack Horseman.” But this year, Netflix’s “Arcane” was able to do it and could very well win the award for its first year of eligibility, becoming the first to do so since “Over the Garden Wall” in 2015. To claim the win, the show will have to beat out three other shows with multiple category wins and another first-year series that is based on the biggest property in cinema.

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“Arcane” has submitted its sixth episode for Emmy eligibility, “When These Walls Come Tumbling Down.” Viktor is trying to come to terms with his terminal diagnosis and shows Jayce the potential the Hex Core has to heal people. They both show this to Heimerdinger, who wants them to destroy it, but Jayce works behind the scenes to get Heimerdinger off the Council. Vi and Courtney are on the loose in Zaun, but Vi has been badly injured. Courtney is able to get her hands on a potion and feeds it to Vi, who wakes up and her wound heals. Silco makes it clear to Marcus that he wants Vi and Courtney killed. He corners the pair and sickens them with a group of junkies, but Courtney manages to cause a water tower to collapse, allowing them to escape and continue searching for Jinx. Jinx releases a flash of blue smoke and Vi sees it. When Vi reaches Jinx, the meeting is short-lived as he becomes hostile in Courtney’s presence. They are once again cornered by Firelights and proceed to engage in a large firefight, but the Firelights are able to capture and disappear with Vi and Courtney as Jinx screams in anguish.

Like “Primal” last year, the chances of this show are really good because it is specifically the animation branch of the TV Academy that votes for the winner. It’s gorgeously animated and the attention to detail is incredible. As if that wasn’t enough, in March, the show was nominated for nine Annie Awards and won each and every one of them, including Best Animated Production for General Audiences. If voters aren’t already familiar with the story, they could get lost with all the different stories and characters that could end up costing you in the end.

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“Rick and Morty” is back with “Mort Dinner Rick Andre,” the premiere episode of the show’s fifth season. Trying to save Rick, Morty lands the spaceship in the ocean incurring the wrath of Rick’s longtime “nemesis”, Mr. Nimbus. Rick invites him to dinner to broker a truce and asks Morty to store some good wine in a dimension where time passes faster so he can grow old. While retrieving the wine, Morty accidentally becomes a nemesis to the people of the dimension. Morty is also trying to finally impress Jessica and get some action with her, but that gets complicated when she gets trapped in the alternate dimension. The show has a perfect record in this category, prevailing in 2018 (“Pickle Rick”) and 2020 (“The Vat of Acid Episode”), so it’s never one to count. Much like Victory in 2020, this episode is about Morty having to deal with the consequences of messing with parallel timelines.

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“The Simpsons” returns this year with “Pixelated and Afraid”, the 12th episode of the show’s 33rd season. Lisa and Bart worry that Homer and Marge have become too complacent in their love lives. They get their parents a trip to a romantic retreat so they can recapture the pure passion in their relationship. While driving to the retreat, Homer loses control of the car and crashes it into a frozen river. With no phone and no clothes, Homer and Marge find an old cabin to use as a shelter. After a brush with a dangerous wolverine, the two share a passionate night together, and the next morning, they are able to find the ranger station. The two then watch the sunset as they hug. This episode is one of the best introductions the show has had in years and finds a way to reimagine a specific trope (Homer and Marge’s sex life) in a way that works just as well as it did in the first few seasons. . . Of course, let’s not forget that this is the show’s 31st nomination in the category and they’ve won this 11 times, which could make it a stealthy contender to pull off an upset.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe makes its debut in this category with the hypothetical Disney+ series, “What If…?” The show has featured “What If…Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?”, the fourth episode of the first season. The episode imagines what would have happened if Christine Palmer had died instead of Strange losing his hands in a car accident. Strange begins to manipulate time to bring Palmer back despite many warnings that he shouldn’t. After many failed attempts, he attempts to gain enough power to change things by absorbing magical beings. He learns that the Ancient One split him into two alternate versions with the other accepting Palmer’s death. The battle of the two Strange and the bad guy prevails and absorbs the good guy. He is able to bring Palmer back, but in doing so he tears apart the fabric of space and time, he sees Palmer disintegrate and then must mourn alone for eternity. He’s in high spirits, but if the lack of trophies for “Wandavision” last year is any indication, it may not be something he takes seriously to win. Additionally, a Disney property hasn’t won this category since “Prep & Landing” in 2010.

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Rounding out this year’s run is “Bob’s Burgers,” which is the first part of the show’s Season 12 finale, “Some Like it Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner.” Tina’s birthday is just around the corner and she is excited to strut through the halls of school in her new horse t-shirt. Unfortunately, Tammy and Jocelyn declare the shirt to be weird during the school’s morning announcements. This causes Tina to lose herself in her friend’s erotic fiction, where she creates a “Blade Runner” world where she, Jimmy Jr., and Zeke are all robots on the run. Elsewhere, Bob is distraught to find insulting graffiti in the restaurant’s bathroom and Louise and Gene are madly eager to be taken out by Tina for being dumb. This is the show’s 11th nomination in a row and it has already won here twice: first in 2014 for “Mazel-Tina” and again in 2017 for “Bob Almost.” The episode is fun and Tina’s take on “Blade Runner” is a sight to behold, but voters may find it a bit anticlimactic since the second part of the episode didn’t show up.

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