bling empire: Bling Empire Season 3 will return to Netflix in October. see what is special

The popular reality series Bling Empire will return to Netflix for a third season, the OTT platform announced on Wednesday. According to the official statement, Bling Empire Season 3 is expected to pick up from where the last season left off, documenting the lavish lives of wealthy Asians in Los Angeles.

Bling Empire is a reality show that focuses on the lives of wealthy high society people from Asia, especially China, based in Los Angeles. The show is credited as the first of its kind to feature an Asian-American cast. Bling Empire debuted as a Netflix exclusive on January 15, 2021, while the second season came out in May 2022. The third season of the famous reality show will premiere on October 5.

The first two seasons of Bling Empire were met with fanfare and positive reviews from critics. Most viewers found the show delightfully entertaining, being more than just a representation of opulence and materialism. Writing for The Telegraph, Eilidh Hargreaves wrote that the Bling Empire had epic rivalries and ridiculous problems, making the show “delightfully hateful” to watch.

Bling Empire has many characters, from plastic surgeons to real estate moguls. However, the main characters of the show are:

  • Kevin Taejin Kreider – South Korean-born male model
  • Kane Lim – Singapore Real Estate Developer
  • Christine Chiu – Co-founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc.
  • Gabriel Chiu – Christine’s husband and plastic surgeon

The final season of Bling Empire ended with a visitor showing up on Anna Shay’s doorstep, leaving the audience with thousands of open questions. The new season will most likely attempt to tie up loose ends from previous seasons while also spicing up the juicy rivalries between the co-stars. According to the official statement, the new season will see Kane booking a major fashion campaign, while Christine will take Kevin to Paris Fashion Week.

Frequent questions:

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When does Bling Empire season 3 premiere?

Bling Empire Season 3 will stream on Netflix starting October 5.

Netflix series explores the House of Secrets

Netflix series explores the House of Secrets

What’s spicy about the new season?

The third season of Bling Empire will show Christine taking Kevin to the
“City of love” for Paris Fashion Week.

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