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By jerry hill
Baylor Bear Insider

While the sixth grade senior center jacob rooster might not be as physically dominant as other offensive linemen, “he’s very smart,” junior nose tackle said Siaki Ika.
“Really smart, very, very smart,” said Ika, who faces Gall every day in one-on-one blocking drills. “In my opinion, it’s harder to play with a smarter O lineman than with linemen who are physically more dominant. He’s very smart, very quick, he’s good at thinking on the fly.”
“Iron sharpens iron, and I couldn’t ask for more. He’s the best.”
junior runner Taye McWilliams he said Gall controls everything from the start and “makes sure I know what I’m doing.”
“The Badger, he’s the man,” McWilliams said of the 6-foot-2, 299-pound Gall. “He’s going to do it and he’s going to make sure all the calls are correct and he’s going to make sure he knows what I’m doing by doing verbal and handheld singles that I’m going to see.”
When both Gall and the offensive guard grant miller Transferred last year from Buffalo and Vanderbilt, respectively, there were some growing pains on the offensive line when the five players met. Now, there is a comfort level, with four of the five coming back.
“Last year, there were times when I would ask Grant or Connor (Galvin), ‘Why did you do this?'” Gall said. “Now, I know why you’re doing this, I know why Grant is doing this.” that”. . And you adapt faster. That’s the moment you realise, ‘I don’t have to ask why you did this or why you did that.’ because you just know.”
The only newcomer in the group is the redshirted sophomore. Micah Mazzccuawho won a battle with the fifth year student moses jeffery for the starting job at left guard. galvin and junior Gavin Byers they are the starters returning to the tackle.
“Micah has always been a great physical player,” Gall said of the 6-foot-5, 331-pound Mazzzccua. “I think he was only able to nail down a few details this year and he really clinched everything. He’s always had the game. I know how rare he is, how strong and what a great player he is. I fully trust him.” out there.”
McWILLIAMS IS ALL GREATER: while sitting behind abraham smith Y Trestan Ebner last season, McWilliams said he was “still childish.”
But, the junior running back “grew up a lot” with Smith and Ebner moving up through the NFL ranks.
“I think Abe and Eb left, knowing they’re leaving and they won’t be able to tell me what to do anymore. So I’m going to have to do it myself,” McWilliams said. listed as a headline on a depth chart that also includes Qualan-JonesFirst year student richard reese and converted receiver Josh Fleeks.
“I grew up a lot, so I felt like my mindset was fixed. That was really the main thing I had to work on, because I was still a kid. I grew up a lot.”
McWilliams said he has kept in touch with Smith and Ebner, asking them “about what I should have done on this play. Should I have cut further inside on this protection? Just stuff like that.”
What makes McWilliams so special, Gall said, is “his ability to do anything.”
“Taye is just a fantastic runner,” Gall said. “He is an excellent and tough runner.”
McWilliams said he feels like he’s an explosive back.
“I have strong legs,” he said, “so my jump slashing skills are pretty strong, so I can get where I need to be quickly.”
‘A HURRY LIKE NO OTHER’: After transferring from LSU, Ika was the Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year last season for a 12-2 team that won the Big 12 title, beat Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl and went 7-0 in McLane Stadium.
“For me personally, I like the preparation,” Apu said of the game day experience at McLane Stadium, “from waking up for breakfast to the pre-game meeting, the pre-game tour, the Bear Walk, seeing all the fans. The energy buildup is a race like no other.”
Part of Ika’s pregame routine is listening to music, because “it puts me in a different state of mind.” And it really doesn’t matter what’s playing.
“It’s a little weird,” he said. “I just put my phone on shuffle mode and I like whatever it’s playing: country, R&B, hip-hop, whatever it’s playing, I like it.”
NUMBER CHANGES: After losing all but three of the guys in single-digit jerseys from last year’s team, the Bears replenished that group with a few number changes this week.
Running back Craig “Sqwirl” Williams traded No. 20 for 0, while fifth-year senior tight end ben sims it went from 86 to No. 8.
“There’s a calmness and a really strong maturity that appeals to a lot of the guys,” the third-year head coach said. David Aranda said of Williams, who has battled injuries for most of his career. “They see how he handles all the ups and downs of that particular day or week of football. I think he’s someone to watch. I’m excited about his progression.”
On the defensive end, linebacker matt jones changed the number 52 to 2; cornerback brand milton changed from No. 37 to 3; linebacker bryson-jackson changed number 45 to 7; and defensive end franklin changed from No. 90 to 9.
The only remaining single digits were security christian morgan (No. 4), linebacker Dillon Doyle (No. 5) and receiver Gavin Holmes (No. 6).
Baylor kicks off the season this Saturday, September 3 with a game at 6 pm at McLane Stadium against the University at Albany. The Great Danes, an FCS program from Albany, NY, went 2-9 last season under veteran coach Greg Gattuso.

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