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New tech employment data shows employers continue to grow their tech teams, reaffirming technology’s essential role in driving business and industry, according to CompTIA, the nonprofit association for industry and the information technology (IT) workforce.

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Technology sector companies added 25,500 net new workers in August, with growth in five major occupation categories, reveals CompTIA’s analysis of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) “State of Employment” report. Employment in the technology industry has increased by 175,700 jobs in 2022 and is registering 46% more than last year and 92% more than in 2019.

Businesses across the economy added roughly 21,000 tech workers during the month. [1] The unemployment rate for technology occupations increased to 2.3%, in parallel with the change in direction of the national unemployment rate (3.7%).

“Stability in technology hiring continues to be an overarching theme this year,” he said. Tim Herbert, director of research at CompTIA. “Despite all the economic noise and pockets of layoffs, added technology hiring remains consistently positive.”

Employer job postings for tech positions declined in August, reaching just under 320,000. Companies are looking for a variety of technology skills, including software development and engineering, IT support, IT project management, systems engineering, and network engineering.

Among industries, the largest number of job openings occurred in professional, scientific and technical services, finance and insurance, manufacturing, information and retail trade. Technology job opportunities are available across the country, in large, medium and small markets. the New York, Washington, dallas, chicago Y the Angels Metropolitan areas had the most job openings for tech positions, while allentown (PENNSYLVANIA), Raleigh (NC) and Colon (OH) posted the largest month-over-month increases in tech job openings.

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CompTIA analysis also shows that options for remote work and work from home continue to increase for tech workers. From January to August 2022Tech job postings where employers specify remote work are up 56% from last year and 281% from the year before the 2019 pandemic.

Within the technology sector, new hires in the IT services and custom software development occupation category, which expanded by 14,400 workers, set the pace for August job gains. There was also strong growth in manufacturing of computer and electronic products (+4,500), data processing, hosting and related services (+3,200), and other information services, including search engines (+3,000). Telecommunications jobs increased by a modest 400.

The “CompTIA Tech Jobs Report” is available at For more analysis and perspective, visit the CompTIA Tech Job Report video series at

[1] Monthly occupancy level data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics tend to experience higher levels of variation and volatility. BLS labor market data and Lightcast employer job posting data may be subject to prior revisions.

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