art galore in the run up to the World Cup

The efforts of Qatari institutions, spearheaded by Qatar Museums, have combined to transform the country into an open museum that pleases viewers, paying attention to promoting visual arts culture in the community and in every part of the country. in preparation to host the most prominent and important event of hosting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which begins on November 20, 2022.

Qatar hotels decorated with the most magnificent paintings in Qatar and in the world.

In preparation for their World Cup guests, Qatar hotels were decorated with a collection of the most magnificent works of art expressing Qatar’s heritage and culture. The most important model for Qatari hotels was Katara Hospitality, a company that owns, manages and develops a global luxury hotel and resort group headquartered in Qatar, as it wanted to reflect Qatari culture in the visual vision of its guests, as confirmed by Dr. Khalid Hassan Al-Naama, Managing Director of Katara Hospitality’s Projects Department, in a statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA) saying that in 2020, Katara Hospitality participated with several foundations in the Qatar Art initiative that reflects Katara Hospitality Company’s values ​​of creating communication through unique human experiences to present Qatar’s heritage.
He added that promoting culture in Qatar through artistic heritage endeavors will ultimately lead to its enhancement and protection, so through this practical application, which effectively enriches the artistic environment through designs inspired by the heritage developed by Qatari artists at Qatar Art, noting that Katara Hospitality is working to take advantage of this initiative so that its guests learn about Qatar’s history, heritage and culture in a professional and accurate manner, because these wonderful artistic interpretations of Qatari heritage they will leave an indelible impression on the minds of visitors.
Dr. Khaled Hassan Al Naama explained that Katara Hospitality continually works with Qatari museums through a variety of partnerships. Recently, the “Heritage” lounge opened at the Salwa beach resort, an exclusive lounge for guests of villas and suites, as well as Hilton Honors Gold. and Diamond, which is rich in heritage and urban-oriented, the salon showcases one-of-a-kind works of art by local artists from across the country.
He highlighted that the Katara Hospitality hotel group provides a creative visual vision, whether from local artwork, for example, it collaborated with the Qatari artist Nouf Al-Abdullah to decorate the entrance to the resort and Hilton beach villas. Salwa, and works by international artists are also on display at other hotels, such as Finnish artist Matti Sirvio, whose works are on display at the Ritz-Carlton Doha, or German artist Han-Kook (Blue Rooster) in the lobby of the Sheraton Grand Doha and many other works in various hotels.
Several hotels also house galleries of local and international artworks, the most important of which is the St. Regis Hotel Doha, which houses the “Eiwan Al Gassar” gallery, so Qatar hotels can offer a full visual insight. of fun for the guests of the World Cup.

Shopping malls show visual attraction.
Shopping malls in Qatar shape the aesthetic vision of visitors to the country during the Qatar 2022 World Cup.
During shopping, visitors will enjoy many artistic and creative works, as well as many inspiring cultural events that bring Qatari culture closer to multicultural audiences, embracing creations that express the cultures of the participating countries in the World Cup, one of the most important of which is the Al Hazm shopping center, which is an architectural jewel located in the heart of Doha, close to the main tourist and commercial centers.
In a statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), CEO of Al Emadi Enterprises and Al Hazm, Mohammed Abdul-karim Al Emadi, said that Al Hazm is involved in the preparations of all national institutions for the most prominent event of this world, the Qatar World Cup 2022. , where Arab sessions will be held where the visitor can sit and enjoy a cup of Arabic coffee and a selection of Qatari dishes and watch the Qatari folklore teams presenting a Distinctive spectacle reflecting Qatar’s heritage.
He added that a special art exhibition will be dedicated to the World Cup in cooperation with a group of Qatari artists, to display a collection of works, noting that television screens will be placed in Al Hazm’s air-conditioned outdoor arenas. . to watch the matches of the World Cup, as well as the layout of the shopping center to receive the participating teams and tournament organizers to enjoy the distinctive hospitality in its luxurious restaurants, which will serve various dishes from different cultures from different countries during championship days. .
As part of its preparations for the reception of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Hyatt Plaza, as one of the most important commercial complexes, is preparing to give it its own touch. This was confirmed by its Head of Marketing Mohammed Al-Hawamdeh in his speech to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), explaining that the corridors of the mall will be decorated with the most magnificent special decorations in celebration of the World Cup in Qatar for reflect the spirit of the past, present and future.
He said that Hyatt Plaza prepared for this great event with a set of distinguished designs, which in turn brings together all the peoples of the world for the first time in an Arab country. These designs include various figures such as football figures, horses, purebred Arabian camels and others, as well as providing entertainment activities for children and their families during this occasion.
Doha Festival City, one of the most important tourist and entertainment destinations in Doha, has prepared for this event, as its decorations will simulate the World Cup event throughout the mall, including the places dedicated to photography, and there will also be specials related to the arts. to football and the State of Qatar during this period, to reflect the spirit of Qatari culture in its squares and corridors, where it houses works by local painters of Arabic, Islamic and calligraphic art.
The Villaggio complex is also decorated with flags of the participating countries in the World Cup, as well as distinctive interior lighting, as well as organizing artistic shows on the track that reflect Qatari culture, in addition to various cultures of participating countries in the World Cup. World. Bowl.
The management of the Abu Sidra shopping complex located in the Muaither area confirmed that programs were prepared during the celebration of the World Cup through the presence of several paintings throughout the complex that contain images inspired by Qatari culture, images of camels , falcons, horses and other images A marquee will also be set up within the complex for hospitality and serving coffee, tea and dates, as well as a display in the complex to highlight Qatari landmarks and distinctive art forms that fascinate visitors.
The visitor to City Center Doha, one of the country’s top destinations, will be delighted to see its collection of Qatari and Arab antiques and paintings, as it boasts a huge collection of heritage collectibles and vintage cars of various sizes, as well as this mall is considered a museum open to visitors.
Visitors will also be treated to visual beauty at the Mall of Qatar, Vendome Place in Lusail City, Ezdan Mall, Dar Al Salam and various shopping complexes, with multiple visions of the aesthetics of culture and creativity in Qatar to turn the shopping experience. in these malls in shopping and visual dazzle.

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Qatar is packed with tourist attractions.
Qatar is full of heritage sites and many museums, libraries and tourist attractions that will remain in the memory of fans of the World Cup in Qatar in terms of its architectural structure, be it the archeological or modern buildings that have been designed in the last international. methods to be architectural masterpieces, towers and castles, the most important of these sites is Al Zubarah fort which overlooks a nearby archaeological site of a village once famous for pearl trading and diving, and today this fort is It has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
One such site is the Ar Rakiyat Fort, considered a typical example of desert castles, as it contains three rectangular towers and one round one, as well as rock carvings and islands that tell the story of the past of the State of Qatar, Ras Abrouq, a peninsula Located on the west coast, which has traces of human settlement dating back to prehistoric times, and many archaeological sites from prehistoric times have been located in a protected place within the Gulf of Khor Shaqiq, the island is rich in natural heritage that attracts visitors. visitors. .
Souq Waqif is a great example of the attractive destinations in Qatar with several unique restaurants and hotels, along with the Katara Cultural Village with its wonderful art galleries, open-air theatre, waterfront promenade, distinctive Katara beach as well like the Pearl Qatar Island, with its unique character.
One of the attractions that can also be visited is the Al Wakra market, which gives visitors the opportunity to learn what life was like for the first ancestors wandering through the alleys of this market and its quiet courtyards. It is a fun destination to spend time exploring traditional mud buildings, where there is a small mosque, a stable and many Qatari shops offering honey products, spices, dates, perfumes and gifts. The visitor concludes with the experience of riding a camel and tasting the most delicious meals in one of the restaurants overlooking the boardwalk.
Visitors to Qatar will be scheduled to visit the National Museum of Qatar, which welcomes all its visitors from different cultures to explore its immersive environment and learn about the past, present and future of Qatar, with the importance of planning a visit to the museum of Islamic art. which houses one of the best collections of Islamic art in the entire world, the Qatar Olympic and Sports museum, as well as the museum of the Arab Museum of Modern Art as cultural and creative icons in Qatar. (QNA)

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