Are Completion Rates Key to Netflix Cancellations?

resident evil completion rates the lincoln lawyer

Pictured: Resident Evil and The Lincoln Lawyer

When it comes to renewals and cancellations, it used to be like solving Rubik’s cubes, but as more analytics companies go online and Netflix becomes more transparent, predicting the fate of shows becomes easier.

Digital I, a London-based analytics company, is one of these analytics startups that can provide insights into what’s going on behind the scenes. Using their SoDA (Streaming on Demand Analytics) technology, they can determine numerous factors about the shows, including which were the biggest hits on Day 1, data on the weekly debate vs. binge eating and information about the use of children.

What we are focusing on today is completion percentages using their European Panel. This data undoubtedly plays a big role in whether a show is renewed or canceled and how Netflix’s internal metrics, “adjusted viewing rate,” “efficiency score,” and “impact value,” are evaluated.

Chief Marketing Officer Sophia Vahdati told us: “Digital i’s European panel refers to approximately 10,000 accounts in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands. Low”.

first murder canceled on netflix

First Death – Picture: Netflix

This data became extremely useful in trying to figure out why First murder It was canceled last month. The cancellation generated many headlines trying to identify what happened to cancel the show. However, as Digital I has observed, shows with completion rates below 50% are often subject to cancellation.

Vahdati added that this was not always the case, saying that “when Netflix released a large number of original series each month, there were sometimes cancellations of shows with relatively high completion rates.”

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If we break down the completion rate for First Kill, you can see that of those who started Episode 1, only 66.94% went on to watch the second episode. That drops even further at the end of Season 1, with just 43.11% finishing the final episode.

first death i digital termination data

Completion rates for First Kill on Netflix

If we look at the past year, which hasn’t been a strong year for renewals so far, we can compare two programs that were renewed versus two that weren’t.

  • heartstopper watched 73% of the people who started watching the entire season.
  • The Lincoln Lawyer saw 56% complete the first season
  • demonic resident only watched 45% of the entire first season (which, in part, led to its cancellation)
  • First murder, canceled in early August 2022, it only earned a 44% completion rate.
netflix completion rates for 2021 shows

Ending data for Netflix shows in 2022

If we go back to 2021 and look at three shows, this trend continues.

  • squid gamewhich is certainly the benchmark title for any Netflix title, saw 87% finish the first season.
  • Arcane saw 60% complete the series.
  • the series canceled the irregulars only saw 41% make it to the end.
netflix completion rate for 2022 shows

Ending data for Netflix shows in 2021

We may also reveal a few more completion rates for some of Netflix’s biggest shows before we leave you.

  • Of those who started the third season of Love, Death and Robots, 67% went on to complete the season.
  • pieces of her had a 54% completion rate
  • inventing ana had a 42% completion rate

Netflix did not respond to a request for comment on this piece.

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