Appgate Launches Technology Alliance Partnership Program to Help Customers Simplify and Accelerate Zero Trust Advancement

MIAMI–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–Appgate (OTC: APGT), the secure access company, today announced the launch of its Technology Alliance Partnership program and four of the program’s featured partners: Illumio, Menlo Security, CrowdStrike and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Appgate’s Technology Alliance Partnership program is designed to help organizations unlock greater return on their cybersecurity investments and accelerate adoption of Zero Trust security. This growing ecosystem of partners demonstrates Appgate’s vision and commitment to creating useful product integrations that enable its customers to automate cybersecurity processes, streamline operations, reduce risk, and improve user experience.

“While many organizations have embraced Zero Trust security principles, the reality is that their goals cannot be met by a single product, vendor, or platform. Our Technology Alliance Partnership program is designed to make it easier for our customers to navigate this complex landscape, simplify deployments and get the most out of their cybersecurity investments,” said Barry Field, CEO of Appgate. “We are excited to bring more value to our customers through our partnerships with Illumio, Menlo Security, CrowdStrike and AWS.”

Zero Trust requires that all users, devices, and workloads, whether inside or outside an organization’s network, be continually authenticated, authorized, and validated before receiving access to applications and data. Appgate’s Technology Alliance Partnership Program enables partners to integrate with the company’s industry-leading Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, Appgate SDP, through robust API integrations, clear documentation, and dedicated support.

Together, Appgate and its technology partners offer comprehensive offerings that help their customers achieve Zero Trust goals with ease and speed:


The combination of Appgate SDP and Illumio Core, a leading micro-segmentation solution, enables joint customers to achieve full compass dynamic Zero Trust segmentation. Appgate SDP ensures secure access to workloads across the network perimeter (north-south traffic) by creating hidden, granular and dynamic user-to-workload access controls. Illumio Core micro-segments workloads within the interior (East-West traffic) to eliminate excess workload-to-workload interconnectivity. When deployed together and integrated together, these solutions immediately improve any organization’s zero-trust posture.

“Security teams are turning to Zero Trust strategies to build resiliency in their hybrid IT environments, but are finding that no single vendor or solution can achieve their goals alone; an ecosystem-based approach is required,” said John Skinner, Illumio’s vice president of business development. “Both Zero Trust segmentation and ZTNA are important pillars of any Zero Trust strategy. Illumio is pleased to join forces with Appgate to offer best-in-class Zero Trust solutions in both categories to our customers to ensure that minor breaches do not turn into disasters.”

Menlo Security

The combination of Appgate SDP and Menlo Security Cloud Platform provides a comprehensive secure access solution that protects all Internet traffic, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, and private network resources. With this integration, businesses can move to a seamless, high-security Zero Trust framework with industry-leading threat and data protection, allowing users to browse the Internet and access SaaS applications and private business resources seamlessly. safe.

“The evolution toward hybrid workforces and public and private cloud infrastructures requires organizations to implement a new approach to ensuring secure access to SaaS and web applications and sensitive business data without impacting user experience or productivity,” said Sanjit. Shah, Director of Strategic Alliances, Menlo Security. “Teaming with Appgate enables our joint customers to adopt a comprehensive and scalable approach based on ZTNA that improves deployment and management flexibility, while providing secure web access to application workloads in public and private clouds using Menlo’s cloud security platform with Isolation Core and Zero Trust private. access to hybrid resources and IT infrastructure through Appgate SDP.”


Appgate’s integration with CrowdStrike helps organizations reduce their attack surface and mitigate lateral movement. Appgate SDP brings together intelligence provided through the CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) to assess user, device, and workload risk postures at the time of authentication and on an ongoing basis. This dynamic functionality makes it possible to leverage device state or behavior changes provided by the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to create policy controls that restrict or deny access, preventing lateral movement through the network.


Enterprises using the strong security foundations provided by AWS can increase the network security of their environments with Appgate SDP, which leverages native AWS capabilities such as tagging and autoscaling to provide granular access and scale. business level. Appgate SDP ensures that only authorized users connect to AWS and hybrid architectures with multiple encrypted tunnels. Appgate SDP is available on the AWS Marketplace.

Learn more about the Appgate Technology Alliance Partnership program and its partners.

About Appgate

Appgate is the secure access company. We empower the way people work and connect by providing solutions specifically designed on Zero Trust security principles. This people-defined approach to security enables fast, simple, and secure connections from any device and location to workloads across any IT infrastructure in cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Appgate helps organizations and government agencies around the world start where they are, accelerate their Zero Trust journey, and plan for their future. Learn more at

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