All Quiet On The Western Front Trailer Reveals Netflix’s New World War I Movie

Netflix releases a new trailer for its upcoming film adaptation of All calm on the western front, with Daniel Bruhl. Based on the classic 1928 book of the same name by German novelist Erich Maria Remarque, All quiet on the western front tells the story of German soldier Paul Bäumer, who, along with his school classmates, voluntarily joins the Imperial German Army to fight in World War I. While fighting alongside a group of German soldiers on the Western Front, Bäumer learns of it and is confronted with the horrors of war as he and his comrades are pushed to his physical and mental limits.


The new Netflix movie comes from the mind of German filmmaker Edward Berger, whose work includes the acclaimed 2015 German TV series. Germany 83 and Showtime’s Patrick Melrose, which starred Benedict Cumberbatch. Berger also co-wrote the script along with Ian Stokell and Lesley Paterson. Brühl is accompanied by Austrian actor Felix Kammerer, who will play the title role of Bäumer. They are joined by a supporting cast that also includes Albrecht Schuch, Aaron Hilmer, Edin Hasanovic, Moritz Klaus, Sebastian Hülk, Adrian Grünewald, Devid Striesow, Andreas Döhler, Alexander Schuster, Luc Feit, Michael Wittenborn, Michael Stange, André Marcon. , Tobias Langhoff, and Anton von Lucke.

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Now, Netflix is ​​releasing a gripping new trailer for All quiet on the western front ahead of the film’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival later this week. The new trailer begins with a look at Paul’s early days after his enlistment, along with his fellow soldiers. However, his world comes crashing down when he and his comrades find themselves on the front lines, where soldiers learn the terrifying reality of war while surrounded by endless explosions, aerial bombardment and gunfire. The trailer also gives a sneak peek at Daniel Brühl’s role as Matthias Erzberger, a German diplomat who plays a major role in the surrender of Germany in the last days of World War I. Check out the full trailer below:

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Remarque’s novel has been adapted several times, including Delbert Mann’s 1979 television movie starring The Americans actor Ricardo Thomas. However, the most notable adaptation came from legendary director Lewis Milestone, as his influential 1930 film won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The modern retelling of Berger’s story will look to have a similar impact, and the initial Oscar buzz bodes well for the film, with Germany also selecting All quiet on the western front as its official contender for next year’s Best International Film category.

Netflix’s confidence in Berger to develop a new version All quiet on the western front makes sense, given that nearly a century has passed since the first adaptation of the classic story was presented to the world. The success of recent World War I films such as Sam Mendes’ Oscar-winning 1917 and even the 2018 Peter Jackson documentary They won’t age have shown that the topic will make today’s audiences show up in numbers. The film will premiere at TIFF later this week, followed by a limited theatrical release later this month. The general public can tune in All quiet on the western front when the movie premieres on the streamer on October 28.

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