Alex Hall and Kayla Cardona on what a season 2 can bring

I sell the OC stars Alex Hall and Kayla Cardona have teased what could be in store if the Netflix show returns for season 2.

The series, which is a spin-off of sunset salepremiered on the streaming site in August 2022 and has already proven to be a huge hit with fans.

The show follows the employees of luxury real estate agency The Oppenheim Group, including sunset sale stars and agency heads, Brett and Jason Oppenheim, as the business expands into the Orange County market.

There is a lot of drama throughout the eight episodes of the season and at the center of most of the stories is experienced real estate agent Hall, 33, and rookie Cardona, 32.

Selling the OC Alex Kayla
“Selling the OC” stars Alex Hall and Kayla Cardona have teased what a second season could look like.

Hall and Cardona have spoken with news week about a possible season 2 of I sell the OCwhich has not been confirmed by Netflix, and they have suggested that without the season 1 drama, fans would know them even better if the show returned.

The couple begins Season 1 of I sell the OC as friends, but things take an awkward turn when Cardona asks Hall to help her with a list.

Tension builds as the duo disagree on a number of issues related to the house in question and even more so when the client, known only as Doug, tells Cardona that he doesn’t like Hall and compares her to a ” car salesman”.

However, things really come to a head when Cardona is drawn into the show’s main drama, which happens when she drunkenly tries to kiss her co-worker Tyler Stanaland, who is married to actress Brittany Snow.

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Speaking about a potential season 2, Cardona, who has a teenage son, said news week: “I would love to be in season 2, you know, if God wants us to have a season 2.

“I would definitely love to come back because I feel like season 1 was great. [but] I was a little bit on guard because, you know, I didn’t know what to expect and [I was thinking] I am a single mother, my son is going to be watching and I don’t know how they are going to portray me, is this going to ruin my career?

Selling the OC Kayla and Alex
Kayla Cardona and Alex Hall star together in “Selling the OC”, the spin-off of “Selling Sunset”, on Netflix.

“All these thoughts were going through my head and the pressures of everyone watching and listening, and the cameras: it was very overwhelming.”

She continued, “While I was filming, I was going through a lot of personal things, so a lot of my emotions were showing, however, I’m not crying all the time! It’s not who I am, I’m very positive.” high energy person!

“I just feel like in season 1 I didn’t really get to portray that much, I definitely experienced a lot of stress and overwhelmed and handled a lot of stuff and then on top of that filming was just the icing on top. So season 2 definitely [show] more of who Kayla Cardona is.”

Similarly, Hall, who also has a drama with Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose on the show, said he would “absolutely” return to the series if it is renewed, echoing Cardona’s sentiment, saying viewers would see a version more “comfortable” with herself. .

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Selling the OC Alex Hall
Alex Hall says that if “Selling the OC” returns for another season, fans will see a more “comfortable” version of it.

She said news week: “I would love to be a part of season 2. I think a season 2 would be even more exciting for me because they would hopefully delve a little deeper into who we are as people and show [us] a little deeper. I’d be even more excited to shoot that than season 1. You get your sea legs and feel more comfortable and it just gets better.

“I feel like we all have different layers and different sides, and hopefully if we get more seasons, you guys will be able to dig a little deeper into those sides. Not just the dramatic ones.” [laughs].”

Describing all the different facets of herself, Hall, a single mother of two, added: “I have the job myself, the mother me, the sister me, the daughter me, and my friend, and cooking, so there are so many things different”. layers, but that just takes time.

news week has contacted Netflix to ask if a season 2 has been ordered.

I sell the OC Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix.

In the cast alongside Cardona, Hall and Stanaland is Brandi Marshall, who is married to former basketball player Sean Marshall, Austin Victoria and Geo Helou.

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