Advances to explore solutions in business technology based on IoT

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An upcoming Breakthroughs with Ted Danson segment will explore how innovative tools and technologies are being implemented to eliminate waste and improve safety and productivity for all types of organizations.

With a look at how developments in IoT-based business technology are helping to eliminate tedious processes for employees, while increasing accountability and productivity, the segment will explore how Crowdkeep’s proprietary software platform works with a variety of sensors. and IoT gateways, powered by 5G, Bluetooth 5, mesh technology, and Ubuntu Core, to collect actionable data and improve the speed and accuracy of key operations for multiple organizations.

“Crowdkeep is at the forefront of innovation, but above all, we are proud that our innovation not only brings economic benefits to our customers, but also provides a level of safety in the workplace that has a direct societal impact on life. society,” he said. , Helder F. Antunes, CEO of Crowdkeep.

Viewers will also learn how Crowdkeep tracks assets and performance in real time, in a fast-paced environment. Viewers will see how the technology provides real-time and historical data on temperature, humidity, safety, equipment conditions and more.

“We look forward to sharing how Crowdkeep provides safe, reliable and long-lasting solutions for physical spaces and the people who inhabit them,” said John Galvin, senior producer for the Advancements series.

About Crowdkeep:

CrowdKeep is an IoT technology platform that enables users to make fast, informed decisions about people, assets, and conditions across the workplace. Created out of a desire to introduce a comprehensive IoT platform that enables a safer and more efficient workplace, CrowdKeep looks to the future with agility and confidence to pioneer technologies that have staying power in the ever-evolving digital world.

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Crowdkeep is proud to be part of a wave of digital transformation technologies, which are changing the way companies and organizations operate and make decisions. CrowdKeep targets inefficient and outdated ways of doing things and offers customers cost-effective solutions that are less complex, easy to implement, and lead to intelligent insights and analytics that help make the workplace more productive and safer.

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