Adam Driver’s Netflix Movie White Noise Gets Good Early Reviews

First Reviews of Adam Driver’s New Netflix Movie Arrive White noise – and they are largely glowing.

The film, which also stars Greta Gerwig and re-teases Driver with marriage story Director Noah Baumbach follows an American family as they try to deal with the mundane conflicts of everyday life as their town grapples with a chemical waste accident.

Based on the book by Don DeLillo, the film just premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and, based on reaction, looks like one to add to Netflix’s queue when it opens later this year.

Here’s some of what the critics are saying:

The Guardian

“[Baumbach’s] The film amplifies not only the book’s richness as a period piece that speaks to the zeitgeist of postmodernism on the American campus, but how prescient it is about the fears of the present.

“The horror of the heart of American suburbia facing the poisonous chemical cloud floating overhead, the ‘airborne toxic event,’ feels like a direction for Covid and lockdown, and makes adaptations uncomfortable and normalized with this pandemic.”

adam driver in white noise



“While it may be almost impossible to perfectly transfer the deceptive tone and themes that prevail in this eccentric story of a Hitler studies college professor at a small Midwestern university and the apocalyptic thoughts that run through his head, not to mention the of his offbeat family, Baumbach, keeping the ’80s setting, clearly gets it.

“And as each day passes in these strange current times, it looms a little too close for comfort as a prophetic vision of the future that, sadly, is now in many ways in a world thrown to the canvas by pandemics, wars, climate change, TMI, misinformation, you name it.”

the hollywood reporter

“There is much to appreciate in Noah Baumbach’s alternately exhilarating and unnerving attempt to tame Don DeLillo’s death comedy. White noiseespecially the reckless spirit and ambition with which the writer-director and his cast immerse themselves in the complicated material.”

adam driver, greta gerwig, may nivola, raffey cassidy, sam nivola, white noise


Full movie

“Undoubtedly Baumbach’s most idiosyncratic work, White noise switch between tragedy and comedy while still having time for a thrilling car chase at the halfway point. Some will find his moments of lament landing as powerful poetry (often speaking to the enduring agony of the pandemic); others will find them a bit annoying. But as a director who made a name for himself in independent mumblecore, there’s often a real joy in seeing Baumbach operate on a much larger scale.”

The daily telegraph

“It’s combative stuff, and it doesn’t all work out: the colder, more intimate third section, replete with chewy philosophical monologues, doesn’t quite align with Baumbach’s dry, eccentric sensibilities. But if Netflix is ​​cutting back on its edgier output, we should Be glad this made it out the door first.”

don cheadle, adam driver, white noise



White noise, on the page, reached a total heaviness. It was a novel of ideas. But that is somewhat complicated to translate to the big screen. like a movie, White noise announces his songs loudly and proudly, but the problem is that he announces them more than it makes you feel”.

vanity fair

“That’s a problem with White noise in general, the feeling that there is something impenetrable in DeLillo’s work that Baumbach cannot quite fathom. The themes of the story (fear of death, social atomization at the dawn of the information age) are clearly established, but there is little passion pulsing beneath the thesis.”

White noise It will premiere on Netflix on December 30.

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