A safer and healthier way of life with electron technology

Studies show that the depletion of negative ions in a closed space can greatly affect the concentration. May cause drowsiness, fatigue, slow reactions, and increased irritation.

A Brief Look at Negative Ions

When you apply energy to an atom, it becomes electrically charged. These atoms are called air ions and when they gain an electron they become negative ions. The technology that uses them is called negative ion technology or electron technology. It has been around for a long time and has been applied in various ways.

One example is correcting for a lack of negative ions in a closed place like a car. Another is wearable technology, such as silicone wristbands and athletic kinesiology tapes, that help maintain health, balance energy, and improve emotional well-being. It has also found application as a sterilization technology, which uses a large number of negative ions to effectively kill bacteria in stored food.

In the post-COVID world, the innovation found a new application in ionizers, proving to be an extremely powerful shield against all kinds of viruses, including the coronavirus.

The science behind electron technology

The electrical charge of the ions attracts and then captures suspended particles. What an ionizer does is generate and emit these negative ions. The ions collide with any particulate matter in the air, transferring the negative charge.

The collector plate of an ionizer, which has a positive charge, traps the particles. Thus, eliminating viruses, dust, particles, droplets, etc., and suspending their subsequent transmission through the air.

Imagine allergy-causing particles like pollen, spores, and cigarette smoke. Fill a room with enough negative ions and they will bind to these allergens, crushing them. Because these allergens are now too heavy to be airborne, they cannot be inhaled and protect people.

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The positive of using negative ions

The benefit of electron technology goes beyond the scope of completely cleaning the air of viruses or really anything that causes harm. Negative ions can reduce levels of stress hormones, which helps relieve symptoms of depression.

There is plenty of data to prove that they improve psychological health by elevating mood and creating a positive vibe. The effect is similar to feeling happier after sitting in front of the sea, a waterfall, or a fountain. It’s the Lenard effect: when water collides with water, it produces an excess of negative ions.

Other benefits of negative ions include a higher level of oxygen in the blood, which improves concentration, productivity, and cognitive performance. Improves the functionality of the immune system by neutralizing free radicals and increasing cell metabolism. A better balance in the autonomic nervous system that supports digestion and regulates sleep patterns.

Adapting electron technology as a panacea

The history of the Black Death, Cholera, Smallpox, Ebola, Influenza, and more provides ample evidence that pandemics will recur. There are more than 1,400 pathogens that can infect humans and 500 spread from human to human.

Of those, 150 are potent enough to become endemic or pandemic. Yes, these pose serious health concerns. But they are not only life-threatening, they are a danger to humanity, and negative ion generators can be a credible protector against them.

The simplicity of ionizers belies the complex nature of electron technology. Once the device is plugged in, it sends the necessary signals to the electron emitters, which then produce trillions of high-speed, hyper-charged negative ions. Consequently, the construction of an electron cloud in closed space.

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The ions begin to interact with the shell of a virus, effectively killing it. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, they do so with spike proteins covering their outer surface. This decreases the infectivity of the virus, disinfecting the area. In less than an hour, a negative ion generator can significantly reduce viral load with 99.9% efficiency, preventing the spread of airborne disease-causing viruses and ensuring the well-being of those inside .

Such negative ion generators can be used to control not only COVID but also bacterial and fungal infections in confined environments such as hospitals, schools, homes, cinemas, and others.

A bulwark against infection

The effectiveness of electronic technology is unquestionable. But it is its ability to work not only on the coronavirus, but also on a host of other pathogens that makes it indispensable. Used correctly, the technology can neutralize any number of airborne diseases, protecting people from existing threats and any that may emerge in the future. Ultimately, giving people a new lease of life with clean air for a safer and healthier life.



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