A 2022 Student’s Guide to the Best Netflix Shows

I am a very nostalgic person. I admit that not everything modern is bad, but I still fondly remember the “good old days”. However, despite my nostalgia, I will never miss old school television.

TV shows in the past used to be good, but they also had a lot of flaws and annoyances. For example, most shows would try to have stand-alone episodes. An entire plot was started and ended during the same attack, leaving little room for much depth.

Also, the episodes were very short. Most of the shows were around 22 minutes long and you had to wait another week for a new one. Of course, this format didn’t go away, but streaming services like Netflix have greatly improved the business.

Netflix is ​​a student’s best friend

The Internet is the biggest and cheapest equalizer in the world. With the web, students can search for information for free, information that used to be buried in very expensive textbooks. It is also possible to outsource some of those tedious school tasks to paper writers for college.

In terms of entertainment, Netflix for students offers hundreds of hours of entertainment for the price of a few cups of coffee a month. A night on the town is much more expensive in comparison.

With that said, let’s take a look at some great college series on Netflix:

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Geniuses are rare, without exception. By definition they are abnormal, perhaps one in a million people can qualify as one.

And, to make matters worse, many of them are dead. We can’t interview Artistotle again, nor can we question Einstein. So dissecting the mind of a still-living genius who can answer questions is priceless.

Decoding Bill Gates is an interesting series that has the titular genius, billionaire, and tech entrepreneur at its center. According to business reviewthis is one of the best college series on Netflix because most of the tips and lessons learned are not limited to YOU.

An architecture student or martial artist can benefit from the advice just as much as an aspiring programmer.

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Period. end of sentence

There are and always will be taboos around bodily functions. Biology is dank and messy, and it’s normal to be reluctant to talk about the more unpleasant aspects of being alive.

However, some cultures take this shyness to the extreme and make it a massive social taboo.

The series follows a group of women who have turned this taboo into a lucrative business.

You drink

Humans are weird. For an animal our size, the pregnancy should last at least twice as long. However, due to our gigantic heads, we have to be born very early. Otherwise, our heads will not fit. Still, without the help of modern medicine, one in ten women may lose her life in childbirth.

We are born as embryos, making us extremely helpless. A child is very needy and raising a child is a full time job.

Educational movies on Netflix are often accused of being too political, however, Babies is just about… babies. The program covers the first year in the life of a new human being. Anyone who wants to have a child someday should watch this show.

Our planet

Very few people in the world are not moved by nature. Almost all cultures are not intended to call her “Mother Nature.” The natural world, and animals in particular, are a source of endless fascination.

They feel very familiar to us and also totally foreign. Animals are not like stones or grass, they are alive, they are the center of their Universe. Each one adapted to its environment, with a diversity that stuns the imagination.

This is what Our Planet shows. Without politics and without agendas. Just the immeasurable beauty of the natural world.

Netflix isn’t the first company to realize that by filming nature, you can create content as captivating as a Hollywood movie. of all the Movies on Netflix worth watchingThis is one of the best.

Street Food: Asian

Students are not famous for their healthy lifestyles.

As a student, you are as busy as the CEO of a company, but about eight thousand times poorer. Fast food is the staple diet, along with an erratic sleep schedule that replaces your normal sleeping pattern. But what if I told you that there is a healthier form of fast food?

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Street food: Asia is a show whose name explains the premise. While the US, Canada, UK, and the Anglo world do not have a strong street food culture, other parts of the world do not share that attitude.

Asia especially has amazing street food, and you can spend hours just watching how it is prepared. Of course, no fast food is completely healthy, but at least it’s preferable to Western fast food chains. Some products are barely recognizable as meat.

Major events of World War II in color

World wars crushed European civilization and paved the way for globalization. This seminal event occurred right at the dawn of motion pictures and image-recording devices called cameras.

However, most of the images of the time were propaganda made by the various states or black and white images of daily life in the trenches.

Fortunately, this Netflix show will show World War II in color images. This does a lot to humanize the events. Seeing something in black and white makes it feel old and distant.

This conflict has shaped our modern lives, our way of thinking and our systems of government more than we realize. And it happened less than 100 years ago. Seeing it in color makes it real and current.


Online entertainment should always be preceded by a big disclaimer: you should always prefer socializing to solitary activities. However, the sheer amount of entertainment you get from Netflix is ​​staggering.

Calculate how much a movie ticket, popcorn, a soft drink and a few beers cost. And that’s just for one night only. Netflix has a lot of content, for little money. As a student who is short on money, it is the best and cheapest way to relax after a stressful day.

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