A 1955 takes on a 1957 in a drag race

FourWheels TV shows the 2 classic Chevys racing at the Cordova Dragway to see which is the fastest Bel Air of the 1950s.

Among classic car enthusiasts, the Chevrolet The Bel Air remains one of the most celebrated and appreciated automobiles today. While the Bel Air is a frequent occupant of car collections and car shows, it’s not unusual to see one still on the racetrack or race track.

YouTube channel FourWheels TV shows that two of the Bel Air’s most iconic model years are alive and well in this clip from the World Series of Drag Races at Cordova Dragway. Check out the video to see how these two classic Chevy cars go head-to-head in a race.

Bel Air ’55 vs. Bel Air ’57

The 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air known as “Peppermint Twist” goes up against the 1957 Bel Air “Shake Rattle and Run” in the first drag race in the video. At the beginning, before both cars line up. The ’55 does an attrition that produces a considerable cloud of smoke, preparing to take on its eponymous rival who does his own attrition in the background.

Their roaring engines are a reminder of the size and capabilities these classic Chevys have under the hood. The camera angle provides a close-up view of the ’55 before each lineup and takeoff from the race starting point.

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As each car drives away, the camera angle captures the view from the rear of both cars as they drive away from the camera. While both cars appear to be very close to each other during the race, as they approach the finish line, the boards display the finish times and reveal a clear winner. The 1957 Bel Air finishes first with a finish time of 4.58 seconds and a top speed of 159.46 mph, while the 1955 Bel Air comes second with 4.92 seconds and a top speed of 147. 26mph

The classics continue on the Drag Strip

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Later, a red Dodge station wagon is converted into a white two-door coupe. This race, like the first, is close and it looks like the coupe takes the win from the camera angle, but the numbers don’t lie and the win belongs to the wagon with a finish time of 10.05 seconds and a top speed of 129.42 mph vs. the coupe. 11.79 second finish and 109.62 mph top speed.

The video ends with some additional drag racing featuring classic muscle cars challenging each other for victory in a series of close races and individual times.

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