6 Compelling Reasons to Consider a Career in Computer Science

Computing and its applications have spread to virtually all industries. Today, people see the importance of a career in computing because of its value in the workplace, our daily lives, and its future potential. This makes computer science degrees some of the most sought after degrees in the world.

Still skeptical about pursuing a career in computer science? This article will open your eyes to some reasons why choosing a career in computer science is one of the best decisions you can make.

Why Computer Science?

Thanks to computers, our daily activities have become easier and do not require much effort. Information technology continues to leave an indelible impact on all spheres of human endeavor.

On the one hand, the fields of computing, technology, and engineering have created fascinatingly impressive improvements in the effective delivery of health care. In addition, they allow easy communication, improve the ease of doing business and provide key tools for technological advancement.

Most of our daily activities are executed with our computing devices. Today, even door locks, light bulbs, televisions, speakers, and other appliances are connected to our computers and personal assistance devices. What would we do without computers? Besides the obvious importance of computer science in our daily lives, here are more reasons why you should choose a career in computer science.

1. Fantastic job growth opportunities

Computer science, information technology and related fields are some of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the computer and information technology industry will grow 13% between 2016 and 2026, faster than most other industries.

Furthermore, according to the same data, the IT employment rate is expected to grow by 22% between 2020 and 2030, with an estimated average of 3,200 jobs per year. Therefore, you can be sure that you will find an opportunity to work and still be relevant in a few years with a career in computer science.

2. Lucrative financial rewards

The demand for IT professionals continues to rise, bringing delicious financial benefits. As of 2018, the median annual salary for IT occupations in the US was $86,000, and IT professions boast some of the highest-paying tech jobs in the world. For example, US News figures indicate that an information technology manager earns at least $139,000 a year.

Also, if you have a great entrepreneurial spirit and are a computer expert, you can start your own business. Why wait for a job when you can offer your skills to people or organizations at your own will and price? For example, as a software developer, you can get into the business of creating or selling functional software to organizations and be well compensated.

Additionally, many people who major in computer-related skills are able to maximize their skills and improve their earning potential by freelancing. Many companies offer freelance jobs to people with computer skills to handle projects like website design and mobile app development, to name a few. These businesses rely heavily on freelance services because outsourcing some computer-related services is a cost-effective method of getting a lot of work done on time.

3. Job stability

It is established that the services of computer professionals are necessary in all industries. This means that people with a career in computing do not need to worry about job security. As long as you stay on top of the latest trends in your field, you don’t need to worry about being replaced by the younger generation.

Contrary to unpopular speculation, the computer industry will not be oversaturated any time soon. This is because computer science is a broad field that has vast career options and areas of specialization to choose from. In addition, new frontiers in computing are regularly explored and discovered. Therefore, computer-savvy people always have new developments to pay attention to.

4. Tremendous networking opportunities

A career in computer science allows you to network with other professionals in different fields. Computer science professionals typically work with people from other occupations, giving you a multiprofessional perspective and helping you develop solutions to problems in various fields with your expertise in a computer science-related discipline.

Plus, with a career in computer science, you gain transferable skills that help you meet challenges in other fields. Attributes like critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and data management skills are invaluable skills you can develop with a career in computer science, which in turn helps you succeed in other fields. .

5. Various career opportunities

A career in computer science offers you unlimited opportunities to switch between disciplines in computer science and information technology. These careers are intertwined and typically require basic programming knowledge and similar general IT skills. For example, a website designer can easily transition to software development without having to go back to school for another degree.

However, IT professionals enjoy the luxury of working in fields other than computing and information technology, including the telecommunications, manufacturing, education, healthcare, defense, aerospace, retail, public, and even agricultural sectors. Therefore, if you need a career that offers you the flexibility to explore other options, you should choose a career in computer science.

6. Strong analytical and research skills

Computer science disciplines require extensive research and analytical skills to be successful, and computer scientists rely on their technical and interpersonal skills to generate ideas and solutions to the challenges around us.

Additionally, a career in computer science arms you with hard and soft skills you can add to your resume, all of which are relevant to the workplace. These include attention to detail, synergy, and excellent oral and written communication skills. Once you gain these skills, you’ll be well on your way to developing ideal IT solutions.

In this information age, if you don’t have basic computer operations knowledge and technology skills to add to your resume, you risk being blown away by the wind of technological advancement. Fortunately, a career in computer science gives you all the technical skills and knowledge needed to have a fulfilling career.

Choose a computer science career now

Having seen the vital role computer science plays in our lives, now is the time for you to pursue a career in computer science. The benefits are innumerable and the rewards far reaching. With a career in computer science, you have the opportunity to contribute your share to the development of the world and enjoy a fulfilling career.

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