5 places to visit in southern Italy

Italy is a fantastic holiday destination, with something to offer everyone from spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches and ancient ruins. Southern Italy, in particular, has many top tourist attractions and beautiful spots for travelers looking to experience an authentic slice of Italian life. If you are looking for your next destination, then these must-see places are perfect for tours in Europe.


This unique city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best preserved examples of Trulli architecture in all of Italy. The houses in Alberobello are built in the Trulli style, with conical stone roofs and the oldest examples date from the 14th century.

A historical tour of this southern Italian city will help you learn more about the rich history and culture of the place. You can also visit the local shops or enjoy some delicious local ice cream.


Sorrento is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in southern Italy and can be easily reached from Naples by train or car. With fantastic views of Mount VesuviusIt’s also a great place to stop over on your way to or from Pompeii.

Explore the maze of the old town with its narrow alleys and independent shops selling traditional products. Or for something a little more unusual, head to Viale Enrico Caruso, where you can see the Valle dei Mulini. These abandoned stone mills were built at the bottom of the valley in the 13th century and were in use until the 1940s. You can also take a boat ride or simply enjoy tasting the local cuisine and a glass of limoncello.


Maratea is a medieval town located along the rocky coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s in the Basilicata region of Italy and about three hours south of Naples by train. With 44 impressive churches, a museum, and an elegant square, Piazza Buraglia, this small town sits high above the sea and offers an authentic Italian experience for visitors who like to get off the beaten path.


Castelmezzano is a small mountain town in the southern region of Basilicata and just over two hours from Naples. This authentic Italian town has stunning views and is steeped in history.

There are some amazing hiking trails around Castelmezzano and an impressive zip line known as Vollo Dell’Angelo (The Flight of the Angels). You can also visit the Gradinata Normanna (The Norman Stairs), which is a set of 54 steps carved into the rock of one of the Dolomite Towers that surround the city. Once a lookout post for an ancient castle, visitors can now climb the stairs and admire the wonderful views from the top.


The small island of Capri is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Bay of Naples and can be reached from the mainland by ferry throughout the year. Capri has a beautiful town and marina for visitors to explore and the island has a fascinating history rich in mythology. Popular things to see in Capri include the house of the Roman emperor Tiberius, the Villa Jovis and the famous sea cave the Blue Grottowhich is only accessible by boat, and trips depend on the tides.

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