5 Of The Most Disturbing True Crime Documentaries On Netflix

Why are people drawn to watching true crime documentaries? Is it a morbid curiosity that we all share? Or maybe it’s a desire to be able to solve mysteries, or maybe it’s an interest in the minds of criminals? We all agree that true crime documentaries are unsettling, and yet we keep coming back for more, writes Adrienne Bredeveldt of Cape {town} Etc.

Well, you can rest easy knowing that your love of this particular genre doesn’t make you a psychopath, it just makes you curious.

Psychologist Dr. Chivonna Childs, PhD, investigated why people are obsessed with true crime and the psychological effects it can have, and it turns out that seeing true crime doesn’t mean you’re secretly a psychopath.

says Dr. Childs. “Human nature is to be inquisitive. True crime appeals to us because we get a glimpse into the mind of a real person who has committed a heinous act.”

And to fuel your curiosity, here are five documentaries you must watch on Netflix:

1. Our Father:

Image: Netflix

In one of Netflix’s most disturbing documentaries, a top fertility doctor had a nasty secret: he was using his own sperm. Decades later, his “children” come together to seek justice.

2. Worst roommate ever:

Image: Netflix

This image alone gives me the hibbie-jibbies. From living with violent con artists to murderers, this documentary shows terrifying true stories of some of the worst cohabitation experiences one could imagine.

3. Cyber ​​Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror:

Image: Netflix

A true crime documentary about digital sex crime cases in South Korea. The film reveals how women and girls were forced to post graphic materials of themselves in Telegram chat rooms, where ringleaders charged fees in cryptocurrency for tens of thousands of users to access.

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4. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes:

Image: Netflix

Ted Bundy was one of America’s most notorious serial killers. He was convicted of the deaths of more than 30 women before he was captured in 1978. Thirty years after Bundy’s execution in 1989, this docuseries takes viewers into the mind of the criminal known as “America’s Jack the Ripper.” . Interviews, archival footage and audio recordings made on death row form a searing portrait of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. Over 100 hours of interviews were used to create this four-part series.

5. The Guardians:

Image: Netflix

This docuseries examines the decades-old unsolved murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik, who taught English and drama at an all-girls school. The students believe that Cesnik’s murder is related to a cover-up by a priest accused of sexually abusing Cesnik’s students.

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