5 French shows on Netflix you have to watch

Just a few days ago, Netflix celebrated its 25th anniversary, and boy has this company grown. Not only has the technology and accessibility of the platform changed, but also the variety of media displayed on it. Netflix now has a much wider selection for viewers to choose from when it comes to movies and TV shows. They provide access to some classic and blockbuster movies, as well as some of their own award-winning content.

But more than that, Netflix has a wide variety of international cinema to choose from. They really do have a bit of everything. Its selection of French media is particularly good, and there are plenty of great French TV series that deserve a bit more attention. Whether you speak the language or not, these shows are incredibly entertaining and are the kind of media you should check out.


Call my agent (Dix Pour Cent)

This series has a perfect mix of comedy and genuine fighting as it focuses on a team of talent agents working for big movie stars. Each character is unique and entertaining and the entire cast works very well together to create a hilarious show within their stressful world. call my agent it has moments full of laughter and tears, and gossip drama, and overly dramatic moments from both the agents and their actors. The cast of this series is packed with incredible talent, including Camille Cottin, who might be recognized by fans of killing eve. Every moment of this show is entertaining, and as you immerse yourself in the chaos of the talent agency, you’ll find that you just can’t stop watching it.

A very secret service (Au Service de la France)

For those of you who like espionage-focused movies, you might want to check out this comedy-drama series. It centers on a new trainee in the French Secret Service in the 1960s and the three colleagues who supervise him, each with their own colorful personalities. All the characters face challenges stemming from the Cold War, as well as the growing ideas of feminism in their culture. This series shows a lot about the growth of French culture and offers an entertaining story full of spies. The show and its characters have a fun charm that will keep audiences smiling and wanting more.

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This crime thriller series is inspired by Maurice Leblanc’s books about Arsene Lupin, and the main character of this series is also inspired by the books. The protagonist was orphaned after his father was unjustly imprisoned for the theft of a diamond necklace and committed suicide in prison. When he grows up, he revisits the mystery books given to him by his father and decides to become the robber knight from the novels and take revenge on the rich family who framed his father. This series is great for anyone who has enjoyed the sherlock series on the BBC, even though this show is a bit of a role reversal. Lupine it’s full of twists and turns and morally gray thrills, and it’s guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Forest (La Forêt)

Another excellent, albeit rather heavy, crime drama is The forestwhich has been compared to the British crime drama wide church. The series is about a town reeling from the disappearance of a teenage girl in the nearby woods. Police, family, friends, and a school teacher with a traumatic past from these woods work together to try to find the missing girl. The more people dig, the more sinister the forest becomes, as it seems this isn’t the first girl to mysteriously disappear in the shadows of the trees. This series is captivating and chilling, with a dark setting and many themes about the nature of people and trust. The writing is flawless and will keep you up at night trying to fit all the pieces together.

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Stand up (drole)

This fun little series brings a lot of charm and laughter to the screen as audiences watch a group of friends try to immerse themselves in the world of stand-up comedy. This show is in a similar vein to The Marvelous Mrs. Maiselwhich shows characters struggling with everyday life and relationships while working towards their dreams. Standing has a talented and diverse cast that brings these characters and their individuality to life. Each character has unique personal struggles, unique comedy scenarios, and a different perspective on life and success. This series shows a lot about struggle and perseverance, as well as identity and relationships, in a light-hearted and entertaining way. Anyone watching is sure to have a blast and feel a connection to all of these characters.

Netflix has done a pretty decent job of curating its selection of cinema, working to keep it diverse and interesting. These French TV series are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are a great starting point. French cinema truly has something for everyone to enjoy and hopefully these series (and more) will start to get the attention they deserve.

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