5 Best Murder Mysteries To Watch On Netflix Over Labor Day Weekend 2022

Netflix has grown to become the most sought after OTT platform when it comes to the experience of watching movies from the comfort of our homes. It has movies in every language and culture, with genres ranging from romantic comedies to dark thrillers.

The platform is home to some of the best murder mysteries in movie history that could be great to watch on Labor Day because of the niche themes they explore.

From more recent movies as Daniel Craig-starrer knives out to older movies like Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman-starrer Se7en, Netflix boasts an eclectic band of murder mysteries.

On that note, here’s a list of some of the best murder mysteries you can find on Netflix that would make for great entertainment this Labor Day.

1) The little things

The Little Things (Image via IMDB)
The Little Things (Image via IMDB)

The little things It brings together a retired detective and a young rookie who are given the task of finding a serial killer who strikes again after a long time. The film stars Denzel Washington, Jared Leto and Rami Malek, who have done their roles justice.

The theme of the film has a lot to do with the burdens of working as a detective and the trauma left behind with the professionals, making it relevant to a Labor Day watch.

The film is much darker in tone than most mystery thrillers. Crime scene imagery and graphic violence are covered in parts, while much of the film is also about the inner turmoil of the characters.

the themes of The little things they’re hard-hitting and keep you thinking even after the end credits. It’s also full of moral dilemmas and some exciting twists and turns that keep you hooked for the duration of the movie’s runtime.

two) the good guys

The Good Guys (Image via IMDB)
The Good Guys (Image via IMDB)

Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling outdo themselves in this suspenseful comedy. The jokes are executed beautifully as this comedic duo tries to solve the case of a missing girl.

A mysterious death, an unusual basket case, and an unlikely team of two make this murder mystery the perfect holiday entertainment. It also explores the possibilities of a man’s job, which makes Labor Day the perfect occasion for this film.

The plots and subplots, despite their multiplicity, are easy to follow thanks to good writing and good acting. Crowe and Gosling provide excellent comedic timing and make the film funny and intriguing. The film has gathered a niche following since its release in 2016 and is now streaming on Netflix.

3) Se7en

A still from Se7en (Image via IMDB)
A still from Se7en (Image via IMDB)

Se7en is possibly David Fincher’s best work. The film explores his extremely complex characters while also telling a story about the religious rules of sin.

It also features one of Brad Pitt’s most compelling performances and the same can be said for Morgan Freeman. The trope of bringing together an experienced detective and a beginner, which was explored in The little things It’s pretty inspired by Se7en.

This one also features blood and crime quite explicitly and the characters find themselves in personal agony as they investigate a series of murders. He comments on religion, mental illness, loneliness, and modern society.

Gwyneth Paltrow also does a great job playing one of the biggest roles that decides the fate of the characters. Se7en It is a must see for any movie buff.

4) Under suspicion

Under suspicion (Image via IMDB)
Under suspicion (Image via IMDB)

Under suspicion tells the story of a lawyer who is framed for murder under twisted circumstances. Although at first he has no problems, the story that his wife tells the police puts him in a vulnerable situation.

This is an American-French murder mystery that’s more personal than grand. Despite the negative reviews, Under suspicion it’s still an engaging murder mystery.

The film also takes time to explore the downsides of the profession and how twisted one’s life can become while just doing their job. The concepts, while appearing to be related to Labor Day, end up getting darker by the minute in the movie. The performances are also ones to watch out for.

Monica Bellucci in the movie “Under Suspicion” (2000). https://t.co/K7lDw0ba4C

5) The girl with the dragon tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Image via IMDB)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Image via IMDB)

Another David Fincher director, The girl with the dragon tattoo follows an inquisitive journalist who teams up with a hacker to find out the details of a missing woman.

Despite the fact that the woman was missing for forty long years, finding information becomes a task and our protagonists do it anyway, due to the passion for their profession.

The film stars Daniel Craig, Stellan Skarsgard, and Rooney Mara in major roles. All three give phenomenal performances like any other actor in a Fincher movie.

The film is full of mystery and darkness. All layers are explored cinematically through brilliant writing and filmmaking. The girl with the dragon tattoo is streaming on Netflix.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) dir. David Fincherhttps://t.co/fA8LP1vo65

These movies aren’t just murder mysteries available on Netflix, they’ve garnered solid praise and been part of the biggest cinema out there.

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