’28 Days Haunted’: Netflix Moves Into An Ever-Growing Ghost Hunting Genre

What do we want more than anything now that Halloween is approaching? Well, the only thing we don’t need is another American ghost hunting show, but that’s what Netflix has to offer.

There’s nothing wrong with US paranormal reality shows as such, it’s just that we’re a bit limited in options this side of the pond, but perhaps ’28 Days Haunted’ will turn out to be one of the best.

While the trailer doesn’t give away much, it does suggest we should brace ourselves for what appears to be the cursed lovechild of all the paranormal channels on YouTube and ‘Big Brother’.

The series features three well-known teams of paranormal investigators, including Shane Pittman and Sean Austin, at haunted locations across the United States.

You can watch the official trailer for ’28 Days Haunted’ below…

The carefully selected teams will spend four weeks together and have the opportunity to participate in a paranormal experiment based on the theories of the late Ed and Lorraine Warren. If any of these teams remain in the haunted locations of Colorado, Connecticut, and North Carolina, they will earn accolades and recognition for being part of what Netflix calls “the most important advance in paranormal investigation in decades.” “

To ensure the smooth running of the series, Netflix has called in Tony Spera, the Warrens’ son-in-law. In addition to serving as a paranormal consultant on the series, he also features alongside Aaron Sagers, a familiar face in the paranormal world who previously appeared on the US version of ‘Paranormal Caught On Camera’ and ‘Paranormal Paparazzi’, as well as making guest appearances on ‘Portals To Hell’ and ‘Paranormal Lockdown’.

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Demonologists Ed and Lorraine are the most famous husband-and-wife paranormal team of all time, having investigated cases like the Amityville Ghost, Annabelle, the Cursed Doll, and the Enfield Poltergeist case. Together they dedicated decades of their lives to exploring, authenticating and documenting some of the most famous paranormal incidents ever reported until Ed’s death in 2006. Lorraine remained a leading member of the paranormal community until she passed away in 2018 at the age of 92. years.

It’s fair to say that at the time of this writing it’s hard to find a positive comment among those left below the official trailer for the show on YouTube. Most are along the lines of “this seems unintentionally but pleasantly hilarious” or “kudos to these wonderful people for doing all of this with a straight face.” While some are a bit more scathing, “I hope this is a comedy because it seems painfully fake.”

’28 Days Haunted’ will be available to stream on Netflix worldwide beginning Friday, October 21.

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