27 smart ways to save money on your wedding

The drink

“Remember to ask that the wines and cavas be charged based on consumption only at your premises, otherwise they will open all the bottles ordered and charge you whether they are used or not. Similarly, many dating couples feel they have to offer free alcohol all night; not so Offer a welcome drink, a glass of wine with a meal, and then a cash bar. If you want to be more generous and can afford to do so, it’s very acceptable to offer complimentary bottled beers and wines, but ask guests to pay for spirits. It helps manage costs.” – liz

“Alcohol doesn’t go bad, so regardless of your wedding date, buy the alcohol you need right after Christmas or around the summer holidays. Try to buy alcohol on a ‘sale or return if not open’ basis. That way, you can get some money back on any alcohol that isn’t consumed. A limited selection of drinks is an easy way to cut costs and speed up service. You could stick to red and white wines, as well as beer, to guarantee almost everyone a drink.” – hamish

“Only invest in your favorite spirits if you are serious about offering a great selection. Are you a fan of gin and your partner prefers vodka? Top-tier gin and vodka should be served, but other spirits should be offered under more wallet-friendly brand names. If you like bespoke cocktails, order a limited edition, maybe one or two drinks, to lower your spirits bill and make life easier for your bartenders.” – Roberta


“There are a lot of great musicians and artists available in the UK who don’t charge top prices, including tribute acts and bands. Big names might only play for 20 or 30 minutes, while a good party band or tribute group might play all night and prove better value for money. For a drinks reception, check to see if you have someone talented in the family; ask if you could make a short presentation. Check local music schools to see if students will perform for a donation or fee. And, at Christmas, many local charities have choirs that will sing at events in exchange for donations.” – liz

“Choose local entertainment if you can, so you don’t have to spend a lot on moving people and instruments. To cover your ceremony and cocktail hour, book half the band or ask about DJ options. Many show bands offer free DJ service, so it’s worth asking. Another way to save money on any type of entertainment would be to avoid early night setups. But be warned: there’s a big difference between saving money on entertainment and choosing someone because they’re cheap. Always hire a trustworthy service that adapts its equipment to your needs.” – Roberta

“Instead of throwing performers and entertainment at your wedding, you can often find different ways to create special moments. Maybe the band you already booked has a musician who could play to people over dinner or take the stage with the DJ later. Do you have a talented friend who is a singer or musician? Get them involved. Some of the most special moments I’ve seen at weddings have been friends playing across the aisle or welcoming people to a reception. It’s not just personal, it’s also often more exciting.” – Matthew

Overnight accommodation

“Arrange or reserve a nearby accommodation as soon as you secure your place. Compare different websites and after selecting a hotel, you should contact them personally to see if you can negotiate a cheaper rate. Many hotels or Airbnbs will let you book a stay at a lower rate and then cancel for free if your plans change. Another way is to book hotel rooms in a block, which can generate up to a 20% discount.” – Roberta


“Weddings always have unforeseen costs that you can’t plan for. Particularly for people planning their own wedding, there are many unknown and unappealing costs that come with wood as you go through the planning. If you really need to stay within budget, then 10% of your total budget should be in contingency. This may allow you to make some last minute additions or, if you don’t spend it, you just got a honeymoon bonus or money to save. If you do, you will be eternally grateful that it was there. If you’re using a wedding planner, you should always expect them to have a contingency fund and clear terms for their use.” – Matthew

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