11 Crazy Expensive Things Rich People Buy

Have you ever wondered what you would spend your money on if you won the lottery or suddenly became rich?

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It can be fun to daydream about the possibilities. After all, there’s no telling what wild and exciting things and experiences would be within your grasp.

While most people are likely stressed by inflation, rising cost of living, and falling investment portfolios, most rich people don’t seem worried. Instead, they are making ridiculous purchases by most people’s standards. Here are some crazy, expensive things rich people buy that most people can only dream of.

What are the 11 crazy and expensive things that the rich buy?

1. Entrances to outer space

Many people are concerned about racking up miles and traveling in the off-season to pay for their annual vacation. Meanwhile, some of the super rich are thinking about how to leave the planet.

One of the craziest and most expensive things the rich buy is tickets to outer space, a tourist attraction that isn’t as crowded as the Eiffel Tower, but is much more exciting.

Virgin Galactic opened tickets for the space to the public for $450,000 each, a steep increase from the original price of $250,000. We’re not sure if flights increased due to increased demand or inflation, but that’s a lot of money to spend on your next trip. The flights are approximately 90 minutes, where you will experience weightlessness and witness a fantastic view of the Earth from that height.

Virgin Galactic isn’t the only aerospace company in the market, either. SpaceX launched the first all-civilian spaceflight in September 2021. Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos, isn’t even ready to announce a public price yet for its flights, but seats on previous flights have been auctioned off for millions of dollars.

There’s no question, you’ll need to be extremely wealthy to even think about leaving Earth.

2. Private Islands

What is the best after leaving the planet? Own a part of it. And sometimes wealthy people want to have a private island where they can relax, hang out with friends, or just retreat from the rest of the world.

There is a long list of celebrities who buy private islands for personal use or to turn into luxury resorts. Sir Richard Branson bought Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands in 1979 and turned it into a luxury resort. Many other rich and famous have followed his example, buying their own private islands. Leonardo Dicaprio bought his private island off Belize in 2005. Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle Corporation, bought 98% of a Hawaiian island in 2012.

3. Superyachts

Speaking of private islands, you have to get there somehow. Wealthy people can afford to arrive in style on yachts. And since regular yachts are no longer enough, many of the super-rich are buying up superyachts, with hundreds sold annually.

So what separates an ordinary yacht from a superyacht? There’s no technical definition of a superyacht, but it can typically accommodate more than ten guests and comes with some of the same perks you might find in a luxury villa.

Larry Ellison is known for having owned a 454-foot yacht called the Rising Sun that has 82 rooms, a movie theater, a personal gym, and a basketball court. He has since sold her for another luxury superyacht. Other Silicon Valley-esque billionaires also own huge superyachts, including Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates.

With so much luxury available in a single boat, it’s hard to argue with the idea that superyachts are a symbol of wealth.

4. Rent celebrities

Did you know that the rich can hire celebrities for social events? If you have enough money, you can hire celebrities to make an appearance or perform for you.

The super rich have been known to hire celebrities for their private events. Online booking agencies can make booking celebrities, authors, athletes, and musicians affordable for just the right price.

Jennifer Lopez was criticized in 2013 for agreeing to a three-song private concert for the leader of Turkmenistan, receiving more than a million dollars. The Kardashians have been paid in exchange for mingling at art events. With enough dollars in your bank account, you too can mingle with the rich and famous.

5. Gold/expensive bathroom fixtures.

We all need to use the bathroom at some point, so why not surround yourself in luxury while you go about your business?

The rich have bought gold toilets and other expensive bathroom items. You can buy an 18-karat gold covered toilet for as low as $30,000. You can also buy other expensive bathroom accessories, from bidets to televisions that fit everywhere and heated toilets. If you ever want to have some fun, you can look into expensive toilets to see how much the rich can afford.

Since we’re talking about gold, you know you’re rich when you have a gold credit card and other gold covered items lying around your house.

6. Kopi Luwak Coffee

We’ve all complained about the price of a Starbucks coffee, but can you imagine paying $100 for a morning cup of joe? That’s the cost of Kopi Luwak if you’re looking for the ultimate coffee experience.

This caffeinated drink costs a lot due to high demand and limited quantities, a sure way to attract rich people to a product.

This coffee is unique because the beans are the droppings (commonly known as “cat poop”) of the Asian palm civet, a cat-like creature that digests the beans and removes their bitterness. This coffee is extremely rare and its amazing flavor makes it something you’ll want to add to your to-do list for when you want to splurge.

7. Random auction items

Have you ever heard stories about surprisingly expensive auction items? You know you’re rich when you can go to auctions to bid on high-priced items. One of the main advantages of being super rich is buying what you want.

Auctions are great if you want rare and one-of-a-kind items that you won’t find in a store. Here are some of the more interesting auction purchases we discovered:

  • A Canadian dentist paid $31,200 for John Lennon’s tooth.
  • A dress worn by Kate Winslet in “Titanic” sold for $330,000.
  • Audrey Hepburn’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” script sold for more than $800,000.
  • Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday” dress sold for $4.8 million.

8. (Very) Expensive Parties

One of the main perks of being rich has to be that you can throw legendary parties that people will talk about for years to come. While the average person will probably host a potluck or plan a party on a budget, the wealthy spare no expense.

Throwing the biggest party in town with a star-studded guest list comes at a hefty price. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West once threw a $1.3 million Christmas party. They spent about $350,000 on snow alone, so you could only guess at the bar tab at such a fancy party.

Still, Kim and Kanye’s party paled in comparison to other expensive celebrations. One of the most extravagant parties of all time was the 2008 opening night at Dubai’s Atlantis, which cost a whopping $31 million.

9. Ridiculous levels of convenience

Is there anything worse than waiting in long lines, like at the DMV or the post office? What about having to do the same tasks over and over again? Most people cannot escape the monotony that comes with everyday life.

The wealthy can spend money at levels of convenience most people could only dream of. We’re not just talking about food delivery services or cutting lines at an amusement park.

“The time of the hyper-rich is worth enough that it normally makes sense to outsource things that the layman would never consider outsourcing,” says True Tamplin, founder of Finance Strategists. “If someone with extreme wealth can take back an hour of their day, they could be worth millions of dollars over the course of a year.”

Although there are technically only 24 hours in a day, the rich can recover more free time. When you’re rich, you don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, shopping, cooking dinner, or doing basic chores.

What are some examples of ridiculous levels of convenience that the rich can buy?

  • Pay someone to wait in line. Sites like TaskRabbit allow you to hire someone to wait in line at the passport office or elsewhere for you, so you don’t have to waste time.
  • Outsourcing of all basic housework. Maids, personal chefs, gardeners, and personal assistants are just some of the services rich people can afford.
  • First class travel. Flying first class or even taking a private flight means you don’t have to wait to board or struggle to fall asleep in a cramped cabin seat.

10. Concierge services

Most of us have to deal with reservations and planning independently. The wealthy rely on concierge services for these problems. Concierge services can range from booking flights to random errands you need to complete.

What are some completely random concierge services that rich people use?

  • Planning your child’s birthday party.
  • Enter exclusive restaurants.
  • Naming your baby (yes, this is a real deal).
  • Organize trips to avoid inconvenience.

Numerous luxury concierge services specifically cater to the ultra-rich. One popular company is The Quintessentially Group, which serves people with an average net worth of $5 million. Most requests are around $1,500 per service, but this concierge company has seen clients spend hundreds of thousands on an event.

These companies work with incredibly wealthy people who want everything run for them. Here are some of the most surprising concierge requests we could find:

  • Organize a dinner on an iceberg.
  • Close the Sydney Harbor Bridge for a marriage proposal.
  • Fly a dog comfortably in a private jet.
  • Have marriage vows renewed by the Pope.

There is a chance that a concierge service can complete any request you want if you have enough cash to pay for it.

11. Private movie premieres at home

While many the rich and famous may want to walk the red carpet at a flashy movie premiere, a newer service can bring a movie premiere to the comfort of home.

A few years ago, Red Carpet Home Cinema announced that it was looking for 3,000 wealthy Americans willing to put up $15,000 for a media server and then an additional $2,000 to $3,000 per movie to watch new theatrical releases from the comfort of their home theater on opening night. . .

While this service doesn’t give users early access to new movies, it does give people the privacy and convenience of watching at home that big, crowded theaters don’t offer. It’s a challenge to forecast how a business like this could work, but it shows that you can buy almost anything for the right price, even the first to release a new movie.

Build your wealth

There are many purchases that the rich can make that most people can only dream of. While reading about the crazy, expensive things the rich buy is fun, it’s essential to take care of your finances first. Focus on investing and building wealth right so you can create a better future for yourself and your family.

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