10 movies and TV shows where you’ve seen the cast

Netflix has been releasing content non-stop and its latest original series has the potential to be a hit. fakes It’s about two friends who accidentally build an empire by selling fake IDs. The story is told from different perspectives, making viewers wonder what is real.

the cast of fakes it’s great. They all give incredible performances, especially the three main characters. Several of these actors have previous experience in the trade, and it shows. Fans of this new series can explore the movies and TV shows the cast has worked on in the past.


10 Jennifer Tong – Honey Girls (2021)

Streaming on Netflix

Jennifer Tong plays Rebecca Li in fakes. Becca is an aspiring influencer and one half of the duo who start the business of making fake IDs. She tends to be extravagant and reckless.

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fakes It’s not Tong’s first performance. She also has a part in honey girls, a family movie available on Netflix. The film follows ten finalists in a singing competition as they work for a chance to open a concert for Fancy G. Jennifer plays Hannah, one of the finalists. Compared to honey girls, fakes it’s a darker project with a lot more at stake. Even with the differences between projects, Tong does well in both settings.

9 Wern Lee – Superman and Lois (2021 -)

Full broadcast of the show on HBO Max

Wern Lee plays Clem in this new Netflix show. Clem is Becca’s boyfriend, but after her breakup, she omits him from her version of the story entirely. Clem also happens to be Zoe’s lab partner and crush.

Lee plays Tag Harris in superman and lois, one of the best superhero shows on television. Tag is a resident of Smallville who becomes a metahuman with super strength, speed, and accelerated healing abilities. Tag has appeared in seasons 1 and 2, and has gone through a lot of character development. Season 3 of the CW show has been announced, and fans are already speculating and waiting for Tag’s return to the series.

8 Richard Harmon – The Age of Adaline (2015)

Streaming on Netflix

Richard Harmon plays Tryst in fakes. She has connections on the street and helps Becca and Zoe find people who want to buy her products.

Adaline’s era stars Blake Lively as the titular character. After a car accident, Adaline can no longer age. Richard Harmon plays Tony. He appears at the beginning of the film and provides Adaline with fake IDs for her current alias. Interestingly, Richard plays a young man who sells paraphernalia both in age of adaline Y fakes. In an alternate universe, Tony and Tryst could be the same person at different stages of their life.

7 Emilija Baranac – Riverdale

Streaming on Netflix

Emilija Baranac stars as Zoe, the one who started it all when she made a fake replacement ID for Becca. She tends to be cautious and has frequent panic attacks.

Baranac plays Midge Klump in Riverdale. Midge is considered one of the best characters introduced after season 1. She is the star of the high school production of carrie, and the Black Hood brutally murders her on the night of the show. Her death was a shock to viewers around the world. Midge had become a fan-favorite character, and the show’s decision to kill her off proved that Riverdale he’s not afraid to take things darker than before.

6 Maddy Hills – Secrets From My Stepdaughter (2017)

Transmission in Tubi

Maddy plays Taylor in fakes. He is a minor character, but his contribution to the story is great. In his guise, it is revealed that she had a baby with Tryst, and she insists on protecting her child from him.

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Secrets of my stepdaughter is a television thriller about a teenage girl’s witness to the murder of her best friend. Maddy Hills plays her deceased friend, Leslie. The film takes a turn when Rachel (Tiera Skovbye) begins to show signs of sociopathic behavior, causing her stepmother to wonder if she had something to do with the death of her friend. At its best, this is a Lifetime movie that will keep you entertained, but the story is provocative and it’s probably one of Maddy’s best-known projects.

5 Richard Harmon – The 100 (2014 – 2020)

Streaming on Netflix

After Zoe and Becca, Tryst is the most prominent character in fakes. He helps the girls in many aspects of his business. He gives them a place to produce IDs, connects them with customers, and much more.

Richard Harmon is probably best known for playing John Murphy in the 100, one of the best science fiction shows on television. The CW show follows a group of troubled teens who are sent to earth nearly a century after a nuclear war forced their ancestors off the planet. John Murphy is introduced as an antagonistic character in the first season, but throughout the series, he grows up to be one of the good guys. Harmon was praised for his performance, and it’s exciting to see him take on another show in a leading role early on.

4 Mya Lowe – Yellow Jackets

Showtime Subscription Streaming

Mya Lowe plays Sophie in fakes. She is a classmate of theirs, chosen to sell fake IDs for Becca and Zoe. She thrives on her role and begins to fall in love with Zoe.

Mya mainly works as a dancer in various movies and TV shows like descendants 3 Y Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. More recently, however, she has come to the fore as an actress, with yellow jackets being his most popular project. The Showtime series is about a women’s soccer team that is forced to fight for their lives after surviving a plane crash. Mya is credited with being in 7 episodes. She is just a background character, but fans are intrigued to find out more about her in the upcoming season.

3 Matreya Scarrwener – The Professor (2018)

Streaming on Ovid

Matreya Scarrwener plays Sally, an over-the-top, dramatic student who joins Zoe and Becca’s business. She messes up and loses a bundle of fake IDs which destroys the entire operation.

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Scarrwener plays Rose in The teacher, a film starring Johnny Depp as a professor who discovers that he is on the verge of death and begins to behave recklessly. Rose is one of his students. She is conscientious and talks a lot. Rose and Sally in fakes They are very similar in this regard. Both are often teased and ignored. Looking at it from a different perspective, both characters are blatantly themselves and don’t care what anyone else thinks.

two Emilija Baranac – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

Streaming on Netflix

Emilija Baranac has been in several shows and movies before starring fakes. the same year she Riverdale debuted as a character, he also appeared in what would become one of the biggest romantic comedy trilogies on Netflix.

Baranac plays Gene in To all the boys I’ve loved before. Gen is Peter’s ex-girlfriend and Lara Jean’s ex-best friend. She bears a grudge against Lara Jean for kissing Peter during a game of spin the bottle when they were younger. She also appears in the following movies, in which she and Lara Jean make amends. It’s easy to wonder if TATBILB may have started Baranac’s relationship with Netflix and helped her earn her spot on fakes. Either way, she’s great at both projects.

1 Jennifer Tong – Sacred Lies (2018 – )

Broadcast on Facebook Watch

Before honey girlsJennifer Tong played Tracy in Season 1 of sacred liesa show based on a Grimm fairy tale and a novel by Stephanie Oakes.

The show is about a teenager with no hands who ends up in a juvenile detention center after escaping from a cult. Tracy is a member of the youth group there. This series is one of the first to be released exclusively on Facebook Watch. The series of half-hour episodes is exciting and mysterious. Several fakes Cast members also had small roles on the show, such as Mya Lowe and Eric Bempong. Either sacred lies How they met is unknown, but it’s great that they have this shared experience.

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