10 hilarious memes that sum up Netflix

Disney+ just overtook Netflix’s subscriber count and with streaming services becoming more popular each year, more people will be watching shows, movies and stealing their friends’ passwords than ever before. Netflix has a lot of great content, but sometimes their recommendations can be off the mark.

Every subscriber, at one point in their life, has encountered their own binge-worthy shows, awkward love scenes with their family in the room, and that friend who won’t stop talking about their new favorite show. Fortunately, the internet has captured some of Netflix’s best qualities in meme form.


10 They are not good recommendations.

Each streaming service will do its best to try to recommend shows based on what fans are watching, but it’s the way they do it that can make it hit or miss at times. Not all services will always do well, but some may be worse than others.

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This meme perfectly sums up how it can go wrong by suggesting that people watching life of a bug you will also be interested in The human centipede. Any fan who has seen the latter will know that these two are definitely not aimed at the same audience.

9 Everyone’s friends are like…

When Netflix was booming, there was a flood of people who wanted to watch specific shows or movies, but maybe not pay for a subscription. Thus came the source of the meme above where one individual had an account and the others simply had profiles on the same account without paying for theirs.

While this was meant for families, if the four-person functionality is there, it’s no surprise that people left their friends to take up one of the vacant slots. This became such a problem that Netflix had a team of people dedicated to preventing people from logging in through their friends’ accounts, though their success in curbing this doesn’t seem to be high.

8 A binge fest

If Netflix has been famous for anything, it’s for bringing binge-worthy shows like Stranger Things, Bridgerton and more to people’s living rooms. While releasing episodes of a TV show a week at a time certainly builds more hype and keeps the conversation going longer, it doesn’t stop people from watching all the seasons once they’re available.

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While its movies have been hit or miss, Netflix’s shows are generally very engaging and well-made. Sure, you could assume that every subscriber at some point has binge-watched numerous seasons of a show. And the worst part of hour 3 is that the screen goes dark and you can see your own still reflection.

7 Movies versus shows

movies like Avengers: Endgame, Zack Snyder’s Justice League Y the Irish, have shown that there is a market for longer films. However, it seemed that the majority of the general cinema audience still opts for movies that are around 1.5-2 hours long when choosing what to watch in the cinema.

However, the same people have no problem watching Netflix shows that are the same length or longer. This could be due to the fact that they can stop at the end of any episode and take a break where the movies don’t provide this ability.

6 Long term getaways

While binge shows can be great at the time, once the entire season has been watched, it could mean a longer wait for the next season if it hasn’t been released yet. Anyone who has docked everything Strange things recently he now has to wait over a year for season 5 to be released.

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If fans can remember everything that happened in the first four seasons by the time season 5 arrives, then there won’t be a problem. Otherwise, another binge may be required.

It’s interesting how many fans enter Netflix with the intention of watching a specific show, compared to those who continue with the intention of trying to find something to watch.

Sometimes this can lead viewers down a rabbit hole and before they know it, it’s 1am and they’re no closer to choosing what they want to watch before turning to a movie that isn’t on Netflix.

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4 Added to list

If the recommendations Netflix suggests fans should watch don’t work, then every fan will have a friend who won’t stop talking about their latest and greatest Netflix action movie.

Sure, everyone has had someone like that in their life, but it would be a shame to simply say “that sounds terrible.” So instead they are all polite and say that they “have so much to catch up on” and will politely do so when they can.

3 Uncomfortable…

Many romantic Netflix movies have some inappropriate scenes that should never be seen with family members around. Dark desire, love and anarchy and more, they all include scenes that shouldn’t be the focus of ‘family movie night.’

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Anyone who has been in this position will know the classic scapegoats of looking at their phone, looking around the room, or simply going to another room to get food.

two Ideal for background noise.

The best Netflix shows not only provide hours of entertainment, they can also provide great background noise for people who don’t want to sit in stunned silence. While many people now work from home, a bit of background noise can be soothing.

Netflix shows also have an autoplay feature, which means viewers don’t have to stop what they’re doing to keep the background noise down. Plus, with the thousands upon thousands of hours of streaming content available, Netflix content could sit in the background for eternity.

1 Who is that model after?

For the amount of care and dedication that goes into Netflix shows and movies, it’s surprising that the default face on the account selection screen looks nothing like a human. Although there are quite a few profile picture options now, when Netflix first released these emojis they were the ones everyone used.

Putting the picture in the flesh really brings out how disturbing (and weirdly funny) Netflix’s default profile picture is, and the crooked smile only adds to that effect.

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